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Healthy and budget-friendly recipes

posted on January 18, 2024 in recipes

It's pretty hard to believe that the New Year has arrived! If you're feeling run down and ready for a change this year, changing what you eat can be a powerful step in the right direction. Here are some delicious and budget-friendly healthy recipes to make this month. 

Healthy chicken pad thai

If you love Thai food but are avoiding ordering unhealthy takeout, make your own healthy chicken pad thai. This easy recipe is loaded with veggies and protein and is gluten-free thanks to the brown rice noodles.

Healthy beef and lentil burgers

Not all burgers are created equal and not all burgers should be a dietary staple. These burgers are innocent enough to eat on the regular. Made from lean ground beef and lentils, they pack a punch of nutrients and fibre that are usually lacking in the burgers you buy out at a restaurant or at the grocery store. They're low in saturated fat and quite nutritious yet still delicious. Top with more vegetables like lettuce, tomato and onion for even more nutrition in every bite. Lentils are very inexpensive so you can stretch your beef budget further by making these as well.

Crunchy cabbage salad

Veggies and fresh salad can be expensive and boring, but this vibrant crunchy cabbage salad is exciting, colourful and affordable to make. Its creamy sesame ginger dressing makes it pretty addictive, too.

Vegan Cassoulet

Cassoulet is a classic French bean stew that usually features chicken and pork. This vegan twist on the classic is healthier but just as hearty. It features umami rich flavours of mushrooms, tempeh and earthy veggies for a one pot wonder that's very affordable and filling.

Smoky carrot dogs

Hot dogs are pretty cheap as it is, but these carrot dogs are even less expensive and way healthier for you. If you're worried about protein, treat them like a veggie side dish. They taste quite similar to real hot dogs and are loaded with nutrients like beta carotene.

Butternut squash mac and cheese

Mac and cheese isn't very healthy but it's definitely a common craving in the winter. Kill two birds with one stone by making this healthier Butternut squash mac and cheese recipe. It's loaded with nutrition thanks to the squash in the sauce and can be made healthier if you use healthy pasta like chickpea pasta or whole wheat. It comes together easily on the stovetop and is pretty affordable to whip up.

Kale caesar salad with chicken 

This kale caesar salad makes dark leafy greens taste amazing. It's pretty cheap to make, very nutritious and thanks to its protein packed chicken topping it can be your whole meal in a bowl. 

Sole piccata

If you love fish, you know how pricey it can be. Sole is an affordable and readily available fish variety and it tastes simply divine in this incredibly simple Sole piccata recipe. If you're new to piccata, the fish gets a dusting of flour, a pan searing in olive oil, white wine and lemon and topped with briney capers. It's a pared down dish that tastes remarkable. 

Date bark

Like Snickers bars? This date bark recipe went viral because it tastes a lot like the classic candy bar but is loaded with nutrition thanks to the use of fresh dates instead of caramel, unsweetened protein rich peanut butter and peanuts, and antioxidant loaded dark chocolate. Dates can be pricey so look for other varieties than medjool such as bam dates or sayer dates which are just as soft and delicious for a fraction of the price. Walmart sells affordable dark chocolate bars too.

Flourless chocolate cake

If you've stocked up on the affordable dark chocolate from Walmart we just mentioned, this Flourless chocolate cake is worth making! It's an affordable and intense dark chocolate cake that's loaded with antioxidants, naturally gluten free and totally impressive to serve. 

We hope we've inspired you to rethink what healthy yet affordable meals and dishes can look like. Cheers to a healthy and delicious New Year!

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