Healthy Holiday Cookies

It’s easy to get carried away with cookies and treats during the holidays. By the time New Years hits, some of us might start to feel like we have Santa’s physique. This Christmas, Panoramic Properties suggests adding some healthier holiday cookies that are easy on the waistline but still delicious. Baking at home is a cost-effective way to ensure that you’ve prepped for the holiday season; homemade cookies make great gifts and are perfect to have on hand when holiday guests drop by your Ottawa apartment.


Skinny Gingerbread Cookies


Gingerbread cookies are a wonderful low-fat Christmas tradition. Ginger is a digestive aid and the cookies are great alternative for those who are watching their figure.


Nutty Holiday Logs


These flavoured phyllo rolls feature dark chocolate, walnuts and orange zest. Together, it makes an amazing treat and a great addition to any holiday platter. This recipe tastes indulgent but is a low-carb and diabetic-friendly offering. These nutty holiday logs show that good taste can be combined with good health.


Maple-Pecan Rice Crispy Treats


For those on a vegan, gluten- or dairy-free diet, consider these Maple-Pecan Rice Crispy Treats. The squares are a lighter version of pecan pie combined with the classic rice crispy treat. The recipe from Tasty Eats at Home Blog is a perfect no-bake treat that doesn’t take much time.


Shopping for Ingredients


Loblaws (1980 Baseline Rd.) and Walmart (1375 Baseline Rd.) are close by and the perfect spot to shop for your baking basics. Of course, it can’t hurt to have some traditional and indulgent options for the holidays. Nicastro Fine Foods (1558 Merivale Rd.), which carries over 50 types of Panettone and specialty cookies is also a quick drive or walk away.


Baking at Home


The residents of Panoramic Properties’ Baseline Court (1785/1815 Baseline Rd.) have updated kitchens and modern appliances that make holiday preparations easy. Don’t make a big deal about sliding these healthy sweets onto your tray and we’re willing to bet that no one will even comment, except to say how delicious they are.