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Helpful tips if you plan to move in the winter months

posted on February 07, 2020

Fun after unpacking. Couple having much fun after unpacking boxes with their clothes while moving in

Just getting through a typical Canadian winter can be a slog at times. It's even harder when you throw a little chaos into the mix. Nothing can feel more chaotic than a disorganized winter move. If you have to move in the winter, here are some helpful tips for doing it right.

Seek professional help 

We're not talking about therapy! The professional help of a good moving company is worth its weight in gold in the winter. Instead of trying to move your apartment yourself, or with whatever friends you've bribed to assist you, consider having dedicated paid helpers who will make the job a breeze. Tackling moving in treacherous snow and ice conditions is their job and they probably do it well. Look for a moving company with good reviews that can tackle your needs, and get a quote before you sign on the dotted line.

Don't go it alone

No matter how little you own, or how short a distance you're travelling, moving house is hard. Don't go it alone! If you can't afford to hire movers, enlist friends or family members to support you (and your furniture) during this stressful event. Offer to treat them to dinner or drinks as a reward and to motivate them not to slack off on the job.

Wear sensible shoes

Because no one should ever move in stilettos! Sensible shoes should always be worn during a move, but especially during a winter move. Ensure your shoes have good traction so you don't slip and hurt yourself. 

Wear gloves

You'll likely be going inside and outside frequently during your move to transport furniture and boxes to your moving vehicle. Protect your hands from the cold with a good pair of gloves. Go for something with digits, rather than a pair of mittens, for practicality. 

Protect your items

Whether you and your friends are lugging your belongings or a group of professional movers are, if you're packing them then it's your responsibility to protect them. Use moving boxes, blankets and tarps (you can rent these)  to protect your items from the elements. They might have to wait outside on the street before, or after, being loaded into a vehicle and they need to be protected accordingly. 

We hope you heed our winter moving advice! These tips will help you protect yourself and your belongings, and preserve your sanity during your next winter move.

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