Holiday Brunch in St. Catharines

Part of the holidays is playing host to family and friends, and sometimes this includes an overnight stay. Being prepped with morning meal ideas is an important part of being a great host or hostess. Meeting for brunch is also a good option for those with a busy holiday schedule with events and parties to attend in the evenings.


Panoramic Properties prides itself on providing our tenants with quality St. Catharines apartments located near the fabulous dining experiences and amenities of the city. In this post, we’ll be covering the great local dining options for brunch in St. Catharines.


Brunch at Home


The apartments at Westgate Village (30 Bradmon Drive) are bright, spacious and beautifully upgraded. Instead of taking your guests out, why not host at home? Brunch makes a wonderful shared meal and can be easy to prepare and serve.


Serve your guests some fresh fruit. Simply slice a few apples and plate alongside grapes, dried cranberries or any fruit on sale at the local grocery store.  Encourage your guests to dive in while you finish off the rest. Prepare peameal or turkey bacon on a tray in the oven; baking the protein instead of frying is healthier and easier to prepare for a group. Make a batch of scrambled eggs, top with fresh herbs like chives or cilantro. Serve with tortillas, shredded cheese, refried beans, chopped green onions and salsa and your guests can make their own breakfast wraps. A side of fresh greens with a simple oil and vinegar dressing rounds out brunch nicely.


Logan’s Dining Lounge (364 Scott St.)


This greasy spoon isn’t a swanky option, but if you’re looking for a cost effective meal then you can each get a full breakfast or lunch for under $8 including tax and tip. The place hasn’t changed in ages but the meals are hearty and the service is fast and friendly.


The Bleu Turtle Breakfast Bistro (215 St. Paul St)


The Turtle has an exotic menu but the items are made with Niagara-fresh meats and produce. All the breads, spreads, sauces and desserts are made in-house daily. Despite the gourmet offerings, the price point is affordable. Your guests will be impressed by your suggestion of this local gem. Try the Lobster Benny, you won’t regret it!


No matter where you and your guests choose to dine – at home, at a diner or a fancy bistro, what’s important is the time you share together. If you’re considering a move for the holiday season or the new year; contact Panoramic Properties about availabilities in the one or two bedroom apartments in Westgate Village.