Homemade gifts for the holiday season

Be proud of the gifts you give this holiday season. Instead of a generic off-the-shelf item, make a one-of-a-kind homemade gift from the comfort of your London apartment. For today’s post, the Panoramic Properties blog team has compiled a list of DIY projects that can be given as heartfelt holiday presents.


Terrarium kit


Terrariums are a trendy way both to grow plants indoors and also to decorate your London apartment. Putting together a terrarium kit for a holiday gift requires only a few materials, plus it makes for a great gift for coworkers, family members and friends alike.


Cement votive


Crafters will love this cement votive project, an easier-than-it-looks DIY craft that uses unexpected materials, such as paper cups and coins, to create an elegant lace-lined votive. Pair with tea lights appropriately coloured for the holiday season.


Magnetic tote bag


Looking for a gift for a friend or family member with children? This adorable magnetic tote bag promises hours of fun, even in the car, guaranteeing that it will be a much appreciated gift by parent and child alike.


Spa scrubbie and tropical bath tea soak


For the friend with the demanding workload or the coworker who rarely gets out of the office, give the gift of relaxation this holiday season. Put together this divine spa scrubbie and tropical bath tea soak set, or make a rejuvenating bar of soap that cannot be found in the store.


How to get started


On your way to a local arts and crafts store, stop by Curiosities Gift Shop (174 Wortley Road), one of London’s premiere boutiques featuring additional gift-giving inspiration. The store is just over a 10-minute drive from Bentley Place Apartments (1265-1275 Bentley Drive). Next, head to Curry’s Art Store (9 Southdale Road East), a 15-minute drive away, for all of your gift-making needs.


Happy holidays! Panoramic Properties hopes today’s post helps you spread holiday cheer this season. For more information about our London apartments, visit our website today.