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How to be a considerate pet parent in an apartment complex

posted on April 24, 2020

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Pet owner or aspiring to be one? If you live in an apartment complex, read these top tips for pet parents on how to be considerate of your apartment neighbours. 

Leashes are a must -- inside and out 

If you have a pet dog or two, it's important to escort them around the complex on a leash. There's nothing worse than encountering an unleashed stranger's dog in tight quarters like an app building corridor or hallway. If you take your dog for walks around the grounds of the complex, be sure to leash them outside as well. 

Bring bags and use them

If you take your pet for walks around the apartment complex grounds, be sure to bring bags with you and use them. No one wants to step in the little gifts your dog left behind.

Train your dog to be and stay quiet

Apartment walls can be kind of thin, so a loud pet can be incredibly annoying or even distressing to your apartment neighbours. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone to help, training your dog to be and stay quiet is a very considerate move.

Train your dog to be polite

You frequently cross paths with many people in an apartment complex, and so does your dog. No one likes being barked at, growled at or jumped on. Whether you can do it yourself or need to hire someone to help, training your dog to be calm and polite goes a long way.

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