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How to customize your apartment without annoying your landlord

April 10 , 2020

Knitted blanket on wooden sofa, comfy pouf and basket with soft pillows in cozy living room interior with natural green accents

If your home doesn't feel like you, there are tons of things you can change to change that. But too much change in an apartment isn't always a good thing -- especially in your landlord's eyes. Here are some of our best tips for customizing your apartment without annoying your landlord. 

Talk it out 

It never hurts to reach out directly to your landlord if you desire to make changes to your rental. The landlord will be able to tell you what changes are allowed, which ones aren't, what's frowned upon, and answer any specific questions you have. Better safe than sorry!

Everything you change should be reversible 

Ultimately most landlords want you to hand your rental back the same way you found it. This doesn't mean you can't change the look and feel of your space dramatically, it just means you should be able to change it back at the end of your lease. Go ahead and paint a colourful wall, just be confident you can (and will) paint it neutrally once again at the end of the lease.

Look for non-damaging home decor tools and products 

Many home decor tools and products are targeted to renters who are trying to avoid damaging their walls and floors. Think removable decals. These types of products can add a lot of flare to your space and can be removed at lease end with ease. 

Stock up on items that don't adhere to anything

If you want to add a lot of personality to your home, without nailing anything down or painting, invest in items that don't adhere to anything.  Think colourful and/or patterned throw rugs, blankets, pillows etc. These items can be really bold and distinctive, affordable and easily portable. Check out stores like Winners and Homesense for an excellent and affordable selection. 

Panoramic Properties hopes that you have a blast customizing your apartment! 

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