How to find a doctor in the city

Whether you’ve just relocated to our apartments in Sudbury, or are searching for a new family doctor, Panoramic Properties has got you covered. Although we hope you’ll never need one in a pinch, today’s blog post is focused on helping our residents find a doctor in the city.


Of course there are traditional ways to find a doctor, such as being referred to one by a close family member or friend, digging a name out of the Yellow Pages or just stopping into a clinic near home.  However, times have really changed and you can find just about anything, including a doctor, online. Here are some excellent resources to help with your search.


The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario


Acting in the interest of the public, this body serves to regulate those who practice medicine in the Province of Ontario. This website allows you to search for any physician by name, gender, language of service and more. You can also narrow your search to include specialists, those who practice close to where you live and hospitals where the physician has privileges.


Health Care Connect


The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care provides this program for its’ provincial residents. This program has been created to help people find a family health care provider.  Once you register for the program, you’ll be asked to submit a health information questionnaire. These details will then be given to a local nurse, known as a Care Connector, who will help you find the ideal provider for your needs.


Open Care


This website helps you find local health care providers as well as gives you the option to book appointments with them online. You can search by practice, location, or physician specialty.


Rate MDs


If you have found a doctor that you think you may be interested in, visit this website for more information. Many times, local patients have left reviews and you can read about their experiences, which could help you make a decision.



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