How To Make Your Apartment Feel Brighter In Winter

Brown and orange pillows on white bed in natural bedroom interior with wicker lamp and wooden bedside table with vase

The dreaded winter blues have officially kicked in! But don’t worry – just because it’s dreary outside doesn’t mean that your home can’t be bright and cheerful. Check out these awesome tips from Panoramic Properties for brightening up your space in the winter months.

Change Your Light Bulbs

For a brighter apartment, one of the best things you can do is change your light bulbs. Pay attention to the lumens number, which determines the brightness of the bulb instead of the wattage. Places like Walmart, Canadian Tire or Home Depot will carry just what you need to add some life to your apartment.

A Splash of Colour

It’s time to embrace bright and bold colours! A great trick for making your apartment look brighter in the winter months is to add touches of colour. Consider a colourful accent chair, vibrant wall art, colourful pillows or a beautiful vase with fresh flowers. A little colour goes a long way — especially in small spaces with limited natural light.


Decluttering and reorganizing will not only help improve your mood, but make your apartment feel brighter. So what are you waiting for? Start getting rid of stuff! In the living room, get rid of all the magazines collecting dust and the cables you never use. Dedicate a basket, or a transparent bin, for all of the wires and tech gadgets. Consider a storage coffee table or an ottoman — they are great for putting things away such as books and magazines. In your bedroom, get rid of unnecessary furniture. We often use a chair or bench as a place to throw everything. As things pile up it looks like a total mess. In this case, less really is more!

Light Up Every Corner

This might seem obvious, but you really need to light up every corner. Aim to have several different light sources in every room. This could include a ceiling lamp, pot lights, arc lamps and floor lamps. A great trick is to place your lights close to mirrors which will help to reflect the light.

Invest In A Fireplace

An electric fireplace might not brighten up a room literally, but it will definitely create a very cozy and inviting atmosphere. Having one in your living room will boost your mood and help you get through the winter! Check out Wayfair for great options that are ideal for small apartments and condos.

We’re certain that these tips and tricks from Panoramic Properties will brighten up your apartment and help you get through the winter! 

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