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How to make your apartment feel like your forever home

posted on April 21, 2022 in first time renting

Buying a home is currently out of reach for many Canadians, with local housing costing up to 50% more than Canadians can afford in many major cities. As a result, many choose to rent an apartment for long periods of time -- even for their entire lives! When you first move in, an apartment can feel a little impersonal -- but it doesn’t have to! Here's how to make your apartment rental feel more like a forever home than a rental.

Add some colour

Chances are when you move into an apartment it will be empty and painted white or a neutral tone. There’s nothing wrong with this -- and it may even be a requirement in your lease that the walls cannot be repainted -- but you may want to add a touch of your personality to the space through colour. You don’t need to paint to do this -- so don’t worry if you can’t. Colour can be incorporated boldly into your space through your furniture and accessories. Maybe you want to invest in a statement couch or chair? This green velvet beauty is on trend and a good price, for example. Perhaps you already own a neutral couch and you want to spice it up a bit? Look for a colourful couch cover! If you have all your furniture already, and your budget is minimal, upcycling can be a great way to add colour and personality to furniture you already own. If you have a dresser, for example, here are 25 ways to upcycle it. Maybe all you want is to add a few pops of colour. You can achieve this through your throw pillows and blankets. Stop by Winners -- they have a great selection and very affordable prices. 

Buy or make some curtains

Curtains can add a lot of personality and even drama to your space. If your apartment came with blinds, you might find them a little sterile. You don’t have to use them. You can purchase affordable curtains to replace them or even make some curtains yourself!

Hang and/or display some art

Art is a great way to bring your personality into your home. It can also be another great way to add colour to your space. If you’re not an art aficionado, don’t overthink it. Look for affordable art that moves you in some way -- that’s the whole point! Many stores like Ikea offer affordable art that you can hang on your walls. You can also make your own colourful art -- it’s easier than you might think! If you are an art lover or expert, but can’t quite afford a real Monet just yet, you can find high quality prints of art by well-known artists on Etsy to frame and hang in your home. Another thing to consider when it comes to art is sculpture. Sculptural art pieces can make a statement in your home when displayed in an eye-catching way -- like alone on a side table, mantle or pedestal. You can shop for amazing and often one-of-a-kind sculptures on any budget on Etsy. Whatever your art preferences may be, you can make your space your own by displaying art you enjoy on virtually any budget. 

Make it smell like home

Scent, emotion and memory are intertwined, so filling your home with scents that make you feel safe, comfortable or joyful -- and maybe even remind you of good times -- is a great way to make your apartment feel more like home. Have a favourite perfume? You can fill your home with your signature scent by using a reed diffuser to spread it around your space in a subtle way. If your scent memories are tied to foods, you can diffuse essential oils that are reminiscent of those food smells as well or purchase home fragrances or scented candles designed to smell like them.

Try non-permanent decor

If your rental agreement prohibits you from making any permanent changes that can cause damage to your apartment, there are creative ways to get around it. There are many non-permanent touches you can add to your walls and floors, for example, that can really personalise your home. In your bathroom and kitchen you can incorporate peel-and-stick wall tiles to add a pop of your personality temporarily. You can even change up your balcony flooring with incredible temporary options like wood tiles, astroturf and outdoor rugs.

We hope these tips inspire you to make your apartment rental feel like your forever home.

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