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How to make your bedroom a summer oasis

July 13 , 2018


Summer has made its way into town. Outside, the sun is shining and the warm summer breeze is all around you. Why not bring that summery feeling into your home, at your Panoramic apartment in Sudbury? Here are a few simple tips to help make your bedroom a summer oasis.


The little things that matter


Creating a breezy, summer atmosphere is as much about the little details as it is about the broad strokes. Little touches, here and there, can make a big impact. A pot of living, growing flowers on your dresser, a lightweight throw rug on the floor, and a couple of summer striped throw pillows on your bed is all you really need to bring the season home.


The power of neutral and natural


If you can’t decide on a colour palette that feels right for your room, don’t underestimate the transformative power of natural materials in neutral colours. Bamboo floor mats, or window coverings, can make any room feel tropical. Accent furniture pieces, in rattan or wicker, will complete the look without adding any excess colour. You can find almost anything you want at the Home Depot (1500 Marcus Drive). It’s only a 10 to 15 minute drive from Highland Suites (347 Hyland Drive) or Humber Court (1 Humber Court).


Get nautical


You can create a subtle nautical feeling in your bedroom by installing a porthole -- a porthole mirror, that is! Place a round, wood framed mirror above your bed, and combine it with cool and crisp linens to curl up in. You’ll be dreaming of sailing the seas this summer!


Dress up your dresser


If you have an older dresser that is in need of some updating, give it a summer makeover! This simple DIY tutorial will show you how. If painting isn’t in your furniture future this summer, creating a fresh summer display on your dresser can work, too! Arrange a few coloured glass bottles, a jar of seashells, or some summer themed books on your dresser top, and you’re sure to wake up inspired by the season!


Panoramic Properties hopes these tips help you set sail on a simple summer decor adventure! For information on Panoramic Properties for rent in Sudbury, please visit our website.