How to meet new people in London

Meeting new people does not have to be challenging or nerve-racking. For today’s post, the Panoramic Properties blog team wants to help you easily find new friends. We’ve put together a list of suggestions and activities near your London apartment to help you get started on expanding your social network.


Take a class


A class is a great way to both meet new people and learn or practice a skill. Consider attending a cooking class at Kiss the Cook Kitchen Shop (551 Richmond Street #1A). The shop is an eleven-minute drive from Bentley Place (1265-1275 Bentley Drive). Many different classes are offered on a weekly basis at this school, so you can find the menu that appeals to your appetite most. The ARTS Project (203 Dundas Street) hosts arts classes for adults on topics including portraits, sculpting and oil painting. This local nonprofit organization is located downtown, a thirteen-minute drive from Bentley Place.




Did you know that there are over ninety non-profit and charity organizations in London? Team up with potential new friends to give back to your community as a volunteer. With so many organizations in the city, you can choose the volunteer placement that interests you most. Browse this list of opportunities online.


Join a club


Do you have a hobby or skill that you are especially passionate about? Get to know new like-minded people by becoming a club member. London has many established clubs. For example, avid writers might consider joining The London Writing Society. There are a couple of clubs in London for runners, including London Runner and London Pacers Running Club. If you love reading, the London Public Library has a directory of book clubs based on genre and location on its website.


Attend an event


Community events are a great way to meet new people. Consider attending an upcoming festival, show or concert. By becoming a member at London Music Club (470 Colborne Street), you receive a two-for-one ticket for a handful of this season’s upcoming shows. Many great concerts happen at this venue, which is just over a ten-minute drive from Bentley Place.


Panoramic Properties hopes today’s post gave you some ideas for how you can connect with new friends soon. For more information regarding our London locations, visit our website today.