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How to organize for a move

July 20 , 2018

Moving day  

Whether it’s across town, or across the country, moving is a big deal. It requires planning, organization and patience. To help keep things as stress-free as possible, Panoramic Properties wants to share some tips for how to organize for a move.


Come up with a plan


Without proper planning, something is going to get missed. Whether you’re the type who tracks everything electronically, in a binder or in your head, you need to prepare a plan to stay on track and keep frustrations to a minimum.


Take inventory


Well before you move, you have to know what you’re going to move. What are you keeping and what will you donate or dump? Whether you choose to use professional movers or not, taking a household inventory will help the days leading up to, and including, the big day go as smoothly as possible.


Bros or Pros?


Are you hiring professional movers, or begging your brother, sister, parents and friends for help? If you’re hiring professionals, you’ll want to contact at least 3 companies to get estimates. Check out their reviews online, and write down any and all questions you may have before you contact them. If you’re getting your friends and family to help, book a truck well in advance (at least a month or two), and remember -- you pay for the pizza!


Get on the record


Moving is definitely disruptive. Make sure to keep track of all your important papers and records -- both for the move and for life in general. This includes tax returns, vital documents, passports, etc. These records should travel with you on moving day, not in the truck. Keep any documents you will need for the move handy as well. Also, consider purchasing additional insurance.


Change of address


Keep a running list of all the people, agencies and institutions that will need to be informed of your change of address. You may want to have a list on your phone, or on the refrigerator, that you can check off and add to easily.


Gather your supplies


Boxes, tape, protective packing materials. If you’re moving yourself, you’ll need to purchase all of these things. Moving companies will provide them, but usually for an additional fee. You may find it more cost effective to acquire your own supplies.


Pack a Go-To Box


Arriving at your new home is exciting and confusing. Keep a box of must-have items with you. These are the essentials you’ll need the first night, and the next day or two before you do a deep unpacking. Things like dish soap, a coffee maker, and cleaning sponges, will help you feel more at home as soon as you arrive.


Panoramic Properties hopes this post helps make your move a smooth one. For information on Panoramic Rental Properties in Mississauga, including 45 Paisley and 2200 Sherobee, please visit our website.