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How to organize your closet

posted on October 13, 2022 in organize and cleaning tips

As we grow up, we accumulate things. Sometimes a lot of things! If you live in an apartment and don’t subscribe to minimalism, you might have limited closet space. But that’s only a problem for those who don’t think creatively! Here are our best tips for how to organize your closet to help you make the most out of it.

Start with a thorough cleanout and inventory

It's hard to organize chaos, so before you do anything new, start by taking everything out of your closet and sorting it. Put all your sweaters together, pants together, skirts together etc. and arrange them all in neat piles. Make a list of what your closet contains by category (what's in each pile). 

As you remove everything from your closet, take this opportunity to discard what you no longer want to store (clothes that no longer fit etc.) to make way for what you do want to store. Marie Kondo has become famous for her approach to decluttering. She recommends that you discard anything that doesn't spark joy.

Put what's left back in strategically 

Now that you are ready to put what's left of your closet raid back into the closet, try these tips:

Try hanging closet organizers

A lot of apartment closets have one or no shelves. If this rings true for your closet, you can make better use of the vertical space by investing in some hanging closet organizers. They're great for storing foldable items like shirts and sweaters which you would otherwise have to hang, taking up valuable horizontal real estate. 

Try multi-hangers

Why hang up one pair of pants on a hanger when you could hang five? Multi-hangers are another great way to take advantage of vertical space to save on horizontal space. 

Try vacuum bags for storage

You don’t wear the same clothes every season,  so there's no need to have them all hanging up in your closet year-round. Stow away the clothes you're not wearing for a while in vacuum storage bags. They compress what you fill them up with to save a ton of space.  You can store the bags on the floor of your closet or under your bed for later.

Try a hanging shoe organizer

Shoes can occupy a lot of valuable floor space in a closet, but they don't have to! If your closet has a door, try a hanging shoe organizer on the back of it. It'll help you store and organize your shoes and free up precious floor space for other things.

Try hooks

Another back of the door, and back of the closet, addition worth trying is hooks. You can use hooks on your closet door for items you need to use daily (like purses, your bathrobe, towels etc.) and hooks on the back wall of the closet for items you need infrequently (like that new leather jacket or a coat for another season).

Try baskets for small pieces

If your closet has any flat surfaces, like shelves or uncovered floor space, baskets can be a great organizational tool. Fill some up with everything from socks and underwear to ties and jewelry -- whatever you have that is small and gets lost easily! 

Hang with intention

When you're ready to hang your clothes up, you'll want to be strategic about it. Lots of closets are designed in a way that makes things hung at the outer edges hard to get to. Place the clothes you wear most often in the centre for easy access, and the clothes you wear the least often on the outside edges.

It's also wise to organize the hanging clothes in your closet in sensible groupings like pants together, dress shirts together, work attire, casual clothing etc.

We hope you'll adopt these closet organization tips!

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