How to stay cool wherever you are this summer

How to stay cool wherever you are this summer

How to stay cool wherever you are this summer

During the long winter in Sudbury, you may find yourself longing for the hot, sunny days of summer. But when summer arrives, the heat can also be hard to handle. The Panoramic Properties blog team wants to share some tips for how to stay cool wherever you are this summer.


The Importance of Water


When temperatures start to rise, it’s even more crucial to stay hydrated. Be sure to drink plenty of water both while at home and on the go. The best advice we can give is to drink before you feel thirsty, but don’t overdo it. Try keeping a plastic water bottle in the freezer to take with you; you’ll have a long lasting supply of cold water as the ice melts. If you get too hot, a cool shower or bath is a great way to cool off quickly.


Plan A Sun Strategy


If you are heading outside for recreation, plan your outings around the cooler times of day –  in the morning or late evening. Scale back outdoor exercise in extreme heat. Walk rather than run. If you are working outside in the heat, take a short 5-10 minute break every hour. Stay in the shade whenever possible. Remember to drink plenty of water or even place a wet towel on your head and neck if you overheat.


What to Wear


Cotton clothing can keep you cooler than many synthetics. Opt for loose fitting, breathable fabrics, preferably in a light colour. A hat is a good idea in hot weather, if you get overheated you can pour some cold water in the hat and then put it back on.


What to Eat


Eating light, small and frequent meals during the summer can help keep you cool. Refreshing foods that require little or no cooking also have the benefit of not heating up the kitchen in your Sudbury apartment. Best of all you won’t have to stand over a hot stove.


The Panoramic Properties blog team hopes that these tips help you stay cool wherever you are this summer. Whether you are out enjoying the summer weather, or at home in your Sudbury apartment, these tricks will keep you cool when temperatures rise. For information on Panoramic Properties for rent in Sudbury, including the comfort and convenience of Tiffany Place Apartments (1 – 44 Humber Court) and Lakeshore Manor (1720 Paris Street) on beautiful Lake Nepahwin, please visit our website.