Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a holiday that is either loved or hated for the costumes and creativity that it can entail. Many people are really creative and plan their costumes months in advance. However, plenty of people leave it until the last minute, and end up with very few options before the big night. The Panoramic Properties blog team has put together a few last minute Halloween costumes.


Smurf or Smurfette


A little bit of blue Halloween makeup, a blue turtleneck and white pants is really all you need to be a Smurf for this holiday. Party Novelties Sudbury (1021 Kingsway) is located just nine minutes away from our Lakeshore Manor (1720 Paris Street) community and sells face makeup and other party supplies you may need to pull this costume off.




A quick last minute mime costume is easy to pull off with black pants, suspenders or a vest and a black and white or red and white-stripped shirt. A little black and white face makeup and an optional red scarf or beret gives the look the finishing touches.


Rocky Balboa


Nothing can be easier to find in stores then a gray running ensemble popularized by Sylvester Stalone on the steps scene in the movie “Rocky.” The local Wal-Mart (2416 Long Lake Road) is just six minutes away from our featured Commodore Apartments (1140 Ramsey View Court) in Sudbury and is a likely retailer of such suits. Tip: include headband for the extra appeal.


Spa queen


What could be better then relaxing at home, robe on, with a facial mask covering your skin and slippers on your feet? Going out that way! For a quick Halloween costume, dress up as a spa queen. This may be the only day of the year when you can actually get away with wearing a bathrobe and a green mask on your face without getting some serious stares. Head over to the Euro Skin Care Boutique (442 Bouchard Street), which is only a six-minute walk or two-minute drive from our Southend Apartments (1310 Nesbitt Drive) for a little inspiration.


Panoramic Properties wants to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween. For more information about our Sudbury apartments, click here.