Low Budget Tips For Decorating Your First Apartment

Young woman sitting in new apartment and raising arms in joy after moving in

Starting school and moving into a new apartment is very exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. After spending a fortune on tuition, the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money furnishing and decorating your apartment. But with these five great suggestions from Panoramic Properties you’ll be able to decorate your place on a budget!

Get Real or Artificial Plants

Plants can make a big visual impact in your apartment. They vary in price and care regimen, but there are plenty to choose from that suit a student budget. A few beautiful and easy to take care of plants are snake plants, ivy, cacti and succulents. They don’t require a ton of light or water, so they are perfect for anyone with a busy schedule. Another option is to purchase artificial plants. This is a great option if you want a specific plant, like a fiddle leaf fig, which requires more care. If it’s not real, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Hang Tapestry As Wall Art

Hanging up tapestry can be very visually appealing and affordable. Not only does it add colour and texture to your wall, but it also creates a cozy vibe. You can find tapestry in all kinds of fabrics including cotton, wool and linen. If you’re going for a boho look, a decorative cotton blanket could look great, or macramé wall art. For a more rustic feel, a wool piece is a great option. Before you start shopping, check with friends and family if they have any interesting fabrics that they are not using. Even a rug looks great on the wall!

Decorate with Throws and Pillows

A simple way to decorate your apartment that will have a big impact is to invest in new pillows and throws. If you don’t have the greatest couch, you can make it look amazing with a few nice pillows and a cozy blanket. Pick from a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and patterns — whatever works with your theme or colour scheme.

Hang Fairy Lights 

Drape fairy lights everywhere! Not only do they add to the cozy feel, but they also look great. If fairy lights aren’t your thing, go for lamps. Whether they’re floor lamps or desk lamps, add them to any surface to instantly improve the lighting.

Go For A Minimalist Style

The nice thing about minimalist style is that you don’t need much. All you really need is a few essential pieces with a few decorations. In the living room, you only need a couch, coffee table, lamp and an entertainment stand with a TV (optional). All your surfaces should be kept clear, unless you want a couple of decorations, like a vase or small plant. Follow the same pattern in the bedroom — all you need is a bed, nightstand and a lamp or dresser (unless you have enough closet space). Keep the walls simple and add only one piece of artwork or a mirror. You will love the minimalist look because your place will be easier to clean and you won’t spend money on unnecessary items.

Panoramic Properties hopes you found these 5 ideas inspiring! We hope they help you furnish your new apartment on a budget. 

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