Make Halloween decorations and snacks with kids

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether it’s the kids or the parents who enjoy Halloween more. For the adults that are young at heart, creating Halloween snacks and decorations with your kids is a great way to share the excitement. The Panoramic Properties blog team has put together some ideas to help you get started.


Pasta skeletons


Glue, black construction paper and dry pasta in different shapes are all it takes to create adorable Halloween decorations. For a variety of pasta, check out the local Bulk Barn (Pendale Plaza, 210 Glendale Avenue) which is just three kilometres from our featured Queenston apartments (349 Queenston) in St. Catharines. This fun craft can also be educational, look up the human skeleton with your children and have them place the pasta pieces on paper. Once all the parts match up to the real thing, then it’ll be time to glue them on. Martha Stewart’s website gives you a great sneak peek at the final product.


Wall décor


There is no easier way to decorate an apartment than by hanging some wall décor with tape. Go online with your children and have them pick out their favourite designs. has some great printable options like this Frankenstein image here.


Creepy snacks


Dried fruit, sunflower seeds and chocolate chips not only make a great trail mix, but also cool creepy snacks. For edible, insect-like healthy snacks check out the recipes and instructions at  The local Sobey’s (40 Scott Street) is located less than two kilometres away from our Linwell Road (473 Linwell Road) community and is a great place to find deals on these grocery items.


PB&J ghosts


Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are definitely a healthier option than fistfuls of candy, but can they be spooky? With this snack a little creativity can go a long way. Make as many sandwiches as you’d like and then have your children use a ghost shaped cookie cutter to turn them into ghosts. Add two raisins for eyes, and there you go!


Here at Panoramic Properties, we hope your kid’s Halloween party is a blast! For more information about our St. Catharines apartments, click here.