Maximal Minimalism: The new decor trend you need in your apartment

Glamour living room interior with a pink sofa, golden armchair and tables, painting and checkered tiles. Real photo

Maximal minimalism is a hot new trend that’s all about a clean and sleek space with bold colours and textures. It’s the perfect balance between too much and too little. With these tips from Panoramic Properties, you’ll be ready to decorate your place to fit the maximal minimal style in no time.

Add Colour

When it comes to perfecting this trend, you have to keep things simple but vibrant. Start by decluttering your apartment, then add a few interesting and colourful pieces. Try adding a statement piece like a bright yellow sofa in your living room, vibrant red chairs in your dining room, or colourful pillows to your bedroom if your budget doesn’t allow for new furniture. 

Use Bold Patterns and Shapes

In order to add some life to a minimalist space, add bold patterns and shapes. You can do so by looking for interesting carpets and furniture. Try to be as loud as possible with as little as possible. Abstract pillows and rugs are a great way to do so or even a unique coffee table. If you’re not a fan of too much colour, look for interesting and bold monochromatic patterns as the main focus, and maybe add a touch of colour.

Keep the Walls White

A white wall is like a blank canvas. You can show off beautiful and colourful art on a white wall, so it fits perfect within the maximal minimalism trend. This gives you the opportunity to buy beautiful and bold furniture, large artwork and a chance to make something a statement piece. With a white wall, everything else will stand out more.

Use Vibrant Artwork

If you love art, this is your chance to go crazy! Assuming that your apartment is already decluttered and you only have the essentials pieces, you can choose art work that’s large and bold. Not only will it add life to your space, but it will also be the centre of attention in whichever space you decide to add it to.

When going for the maximal minimalism look, just remember to declutter as much as possible, then add colour, abstract shapes, bold textures and patterns. 

Panoramic Properties hopes these tips were helpful.