Moving? – Prep Tips!!

You have given notice to your landlord and you have an agreed timeline to move based on your leasing agreement. Your next step is to plan your move. This blog is here to give you a head start in just that. Prioritize with some downsizing and budgeting – with that relocating could be not a stressful but an exciting thingymajig!!

Two weeks before you move is the prime time for your preps. The top ten inevitable steps while you plan your moves should be the following…


1. As a first step research on movers if you plan to hire professionals.

Look for reviews on the web and ask friends for references. Do a quick comparison on their offer and prices. You’ll likely have to schedule an in-home estimate to receive quotation from your shortlisted movers, so add that to your calendar.

2. Plan your packing.

This a prequel to your whole moving and handing over a cleaned apartment. So this phase will also be the longest in the whole shifting home episode and has to be dealt with great detailing.

Plan on purging your stuff and taking only what you need. Also sort those items that need more attention while packing. Having the items in each room categorize into “Take”, “Donate” and “Trash” will be a pragmatic approach.

3. Consider Insurance seriously!

While unpacking at your new home, seeing that your things have arrived safely gives you a sense of accomplishment and contend. For that, you may have to plan ahead and have your moving insurance in place. This will take care of your “what if they don’t arrive safely?!” thought.

4. Utilities Planning…

You may have to spend a day or two on changing the address for all required reasons and to cancel all the utilities like, internet, magazine subscriptions, and in some cases regular house help services.

As a subsequent step, you have to confirm the schedules and installation dates for your utilities in your new place, to ensure smooth beginning.

5. The Cleaning Day!

Schedule a day just for cleaning to the required specifications. Also as a vital step personally walk the landlord through the cleaned apartment to avoid any charges being claimed from your security deposit for what is not your fault.

6. Quick pack the essentials

Plan for packing your essentials that will be needed for the first couple of days when you move to your new place. You don’t want to be opening all those packed boxes just for few things you might need while your setting up is in progress.

7. Pre-Moving Agenda

You may want to arrange for pet and child care on the days of moving and unpacking. Also take a little tour to the new location (if drivable) just to have a feel of it and get acquainted with your new neighborhood.

8. Cross-check with movers

Most importantly confirm the schedule, payment terms and contact information with your mover’s company and specifically the personnel assigned for your move.

9. New Home!!

Arrive before the movers. Request for a walk through with your new landlord to avoid any last minute surprises and may be for a heads up planning on arranging different things in your new home.

10. Celebrate!$%@&

Yes! you have put a lot of time, effort and thinking into this moving and now you are finally here. Take a moment to celebrate this move with your family and friends. Don’t cook…have pizzas and drinks delivered at home.

Happy Living!!