New Year’s Day Breakfast in Sudbury

The excitement of 2014 and New Year’s Eve celebrations might just keep you up all night. By the time the morning of January 1st comes around you’ll be too tired or too hungry to make your own meal. For today’s post, the Panoramic Properties blog team has put together a guide of breakfast places near our Sudbury apartments for our residents to enjoy.


For a nice place to grab some casual breakfast on New Year’s Day, you don’t have to go too far. Just seven minutes away from Panoramic Properties’ Commodore Apartments (1140 Ramsey View Court) is Sudbury’s oldest restaurant, Frank’s Deli (112 Durham Street). Here, all day breakfast starts at 8:00 a.m. and includes items like omelettes, breakfast sausages and more. For a full menu, click here.


Gloria’s Restaurant (469 Bouchard Street) is another good option and is located just three minutes away from our Lakeshore Manor Apartments(1720 Paris Street). Serving up amazing food for over 50 years, this place is doing something right.  The breakfast specials include egg dishes, omelettes, pancakes and waffles. For a full look at their menu, click here.


Gonga’s Grill (1942 Regent South) is a restaurant that has many menu items to choose from including all the breakfast staples such as eggs benedict, English muffins as well as breakfast wraps, French toast and pancakes. The best part about this place is that it’s only a four-minute walk from our Nepahwin Villa Apartments (1904 Paris Street). For a full menu, click here.


Our Tiffany Place Apartments (1 & 44 Humber Court) are conveniently located just five minutes away from the Hardrock42 Gastropub (117 Elm Street). This restaurant specializes in high-quality foods, which is exactly what you need on New Year’s morning. Their breakfast menu includes eggs benedict, sandwiches, and more, including sides like a fruit bowl and muffins. To take a look at their full menu, click here.


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