New Year’s fun for the whole family in Ottawa

Some might find it hard to believe that the year is almost over and we’ll be ringing in the New Year so soon. The Panoramic Properties blog team has put together some suggestions on how to have New Year’s fun with the whole family for our Ottawa residents.


Whether you plan on staying in on December 31st and celebrating with friends or family, there are ways to make the night exciting for all. Some music, creative decorations and menu items go a long way.


Set up a party playlist by either making a few CDs, an online playlist with websites like this or on iTunes. Aim for smooth, mellow music earlier in the night, which encourages conversation and sets a warm mood. As the night progresses and gets closer to midnight, you can opt for more upbeat songs to get the crowd pumped up. For ideas, check out this party playlist from last year.


Martha Stewart’s website is a great source for party decorations, including this countdown focal statement. You can get creative and make your own decorations by filling balloons with confetti and marking them with a number that corresponds to every hour. Once the hour passes, your guests or kids can take turns popping them for a mini-celebration before the big one. Streamers, banners and noisemakers are also great and can be found at Cody Party Centre Nepean (1366 Clyde Avenue) which is just four minutes away from our featured Baseline Court Apartments (1785-1815 Baseline Road).


Unless you are planning on throwing a dinner New Year’s Eve party, the menu should be fairly simple. Different finger foods can either be scattered around your Ottawa apartment to stimulate mingling, or you can have everything placed in one area for ease. Simple items like cut up vegetables and chips with dip, pretzels and popcorn are great. If you want to take it to another level, consider store bought mini quiches that you can bake at home or crescent rolls stuffed with your favourite ingredients. For some culinary inspiration, click here. Don’t forget the beverages, champagne is always good to serve right at midnight, but consider getting some non-alcoholic drinks too for the designated drivers and kids out there.


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