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No-equipment home workouts to try in your apartment

posted on January 24, 2020

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Happy New Year! If you made a resolution to get fit this year, Panoramic wants to help you achieve your goals. There’s no need to join a gym to get in shape. Give these apartment-friendly home workouts a try instead! They require no special equipment and can be done from the comfort of your living room or bedroom!

20-minute Full-body Workout

This 20-minute full-body workout can be done anywhere. It was created by Jess Sims, a personal trainer and instructor in New York City. Put your strength, power, mobility, and cardio to the test. You can even adjust how long your workout by doing fewer or more circuits than recommended! Give it a try.

10-minute At-home Workout

The team at Athlean-X doesn’t mess around. They are serious fitness experts and they’ve created this effective and intense 10-minute at-home workout to help you get fit in a short amount of time. It covers the three planes of motion to ensure you have a full-body experience in less time. Prepare to challenge yourself and push your limits. Give it a try.

4-minute Tabata Workout

If you have 4 minutes to spare, you can do this quick but effective tabata workout at home. You won’t need any equipment, just stamina and a bit of floor space. Tabata is a great option if you’re life is a bit hectic. You can squeeze in a tough workout in a very condensed time frame. The program is structured -- you workout hard for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and complete 8 rounds. Give it a try.

We hope you give these no-equipment home workouts a try in your apartment this year. With a little time and determination, you can achieve your fitness goals.

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