Organize your entranceway

Cosy grey hall


The entranceway of your apartment is the transition zone between your inside and outside world. It’s the space that greets you when you first get home, and what sends you off to start your day. This is an area that sets a tone and should be kept organized, not only for a sense of well being, but so that things don’t get left behind or lost before they’re needed. Panoramic Properties presents some easy ways to organize your entranceway.


Tidy and Welcoming


You can easily track in mud and dirt from outside into your entranceway where it just doesn’t belong. Welcome you and your guests into your home with a sturdy, feet-wiping, welcome mat or floor runner.


Use Space Wisely


In an apartment entryway, space is usually at a premium. Look to walls and doors for hanging keys and coat racks. You may even want to hang a shoe organizer to the back of the door to tap into some often overlooked space. You can find what you need at the Home Depot (1900 Baseline Road), just down the road from your Baseline Apartment.


A Place for Everything


In addition to coats, shoes and keys, your entranceway can serve as the launchpad for your day. A small bookcase, cubbies, or a small shelf is all you need. Organize it so that every member of the household has a space on the shelf, a container, a box — something to store the items they need before they head out. Place any items you don’t want to forget in your container so you can grab them easily on the way out.


Panoramic Properties hopes that these simple storage and organization ideas help keep your home (and mind) from feeling cluttered. For information on Panoramic Properties in Ottawa, and the comfort and convenience of our Baseline Apartments (1785-1815 Baseline Road), please visit our website.