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Panoramic Properties now offers TenantPay as options for payment

posted on May 01, 2020 in company news

Panoramic Properties is pleased to announce that we now offer TenantPay as an option for your monthly rental payments. This easy to use service allows tenants to make payments directly from their own bank account, using safe and secure internal transfers. It eliminates the possibility of bounced cheques and insufficient fund fees.

How does it work?

You can make your payment online, from anywhere. You do not even have to login to TenantPay! Everything is handled directly through your own financial institution using online banking or the Paytm app which allows you to pay by credit card, debit or cash.

Panoramic Properties offers TenantPay

From your bank

Simply log into your online baking website and add “TenantPay” as a payee. You will be asked for a 14 digit TenantPay number, available from Panoramic Properties. Then simply make your no-fee payment. Your bank will provide a confirmation number for your records.

From the Paytm app

Download the Paytm Canada app to your smartphone. It is free to download and sign up. All you have to do is add “Tenantpay” as a biller from the Rent Category. You can make payments using debit, cash or use your credit card to get credit card points and Paytm points. Anticipate a lag time of 5 to 8 days for credit card payment processing.

From the Paytm - Tenant Pay Weblink

If you don't like using apps, you can use the Paytm-TenantPay WebLink and pay by Visa, Mastercard or debit.

By phone, cash or Moneymart

If you are not set up for online banking, you can take your TenantPay number to your bank branch, or use it in telephone banking or at your nearest Moneymart. Whoever assists you can handle the rest. Service fees may apply.

Ready to give it a try? Contact Panoramic Properties for your TenantPay number.