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Planning a move? Do It The Smart Way!

posted on January 23, 2021 in first time renting

There is a lot to consider when planning a move because there are a lot of moving parts. Panoramic Properties wants to help take some of the stress out of your next move. 

Moving Prep Tips

1. Do your research 

If you are planning on hiring professional movers, look for reviews on the web and ask friends for references. Do a quick comparison of their service details and prices. You’ll likely have to schedule an in-home estimate to receive a quote from your shortlisted movers, so add that to your calendar.

2. Plan your packing

The packing phase will probably be the most time-consuming element of planning your move. Proper planning and attention to detail are a must. Plan on purging some of your stuff and moving with only what you need and love. Sort your belongings into categories while packing. You’ll need a “Take” category, a “Donate” category and a “Trash” category. 

3. Consider insurance

While unpacking at your new home, seeing that your things have arrived safely will give you a sense of accomplishment and contentment. Having some moving insurance in place can cushion the blow if anything does go wrong. 

4. Cancelling and activating utilities, subscriptions etc...

You may have to spend a day or two changing your address or cancelling any subscriptions or utilities including internet, TV and any other services. Schedule and confirm the installation dates for the utilities in your new place to ensure a smooth transition.

5. Cleaning day

Schedule a day just for cleaning. Also arrange for a walkthrough with the landlord or property manager. This will enable you to show them the cleaned apartment and avoid any charges claimed against your security deposit.

6. Quick pack the essentials

Part of planning a move is to pack a bag of essentials that you will need for the first couple of days after moving into your new place. This bag does not go on the moving truck, it comes with you. You don’t want to be opening all those packed boxes to find your toothbrush, clean underwear or phone chargers if the truck is delayed. 

7. Pre-moving agenda

You may want to arrange for pet and child care on moving day. Also, take a little tour of your new neighbourhood to get acquainted with it. 

8. Cross-check with movers 

Most importantly, confirm the schedule, payment terms and contact information with your moving company and identify the personnel assigned for your move.

9. New home

Arrive before the movers. Request a walkthrough with your new landlord or property manager to avoid any last-minute surprises. 

10. Celebrate

You have put a lot of time, effort and thinking into this move and now you are finally here. Take a moment to celebrate with your family and friends. Skip the dishes and have food delivered from a new neighbourhood restaurant. It may become your favourite new place. 

Planning a move in winter

Moving can be stressful under the best of circumstances. If you’re planning a move during the winter it can be even more challenging. Here are some pro tips for moving in winter.

Get an early start

The short, dark, cold days of winter can feel unforgiving. If there is one thing that makes moving in the winter even more difficult, it’s doing it at night. Do as much preparation as possible and get started at the crack of dawn – so that you won’t have to work into the wee hours. Walking on frozen, slippery ground with your hands full is hard enough – and it’s even harder in the dark.

Wear multiple layers

Layers of clothing are always a good choice for winter. On moving day, you’ll be inside and outside frequently. Loading up the truck can make you break a sweat, even in winter, and you don’t want to be wet in the cold. Removing one layer at a time is the way to do it. Layers also make you less bulky, making it easier to move around during your move.

Prepare your vehicle

Whether you are hiring movers or renting your own truck, you have to make sure your car is ready for the move. Ensure you have a full tank of gas, check the tire pressure, and stock your car for an emergency. A breakdown at the side of the road is always inconvenient, but in winter it’s downright dangerous. Without the car’s heater running, you can get cold fast. Make sure you have blankets and an emergency kit on board. You can find pre-packed kits at Canadian Tire

Protect your possessions

Damaging your stuff is always a risk when it’s being packed up and moved. During winter moves, there are even more precautions you’ll want to take to avoid disappointment. Cold temperatures can make fragile items, like dishes and glassware, even more fragile. The moisture from melted snow is also something you’ll want to avoid. Wrapping or packing fragile and delicate items in towels can help mitigate the issue.

Leave it to the pros

Our final pro tip is to hire moving pros. Hiring professional movers almost always makes things easier. Not only do they do the heavy lifting – over slippery, slushy ground – but they are also used to driving a truck. If you’re not used to such a large vehicle, learning to handle it in snowy conditions is asking for trouble.

Organizing and purging in your new apartment

Moving can be an organizer’s dream, but if you aren’t one, it may seem more like a nightmare. Here are some unpacking, organizing and purging tips to get you set up smart.


Clearly label boxes before a move. When moving your items in, organize boxes according to the labels and place them in their designated rooms. This will shave time off of the unpacking process.

‘Unpack me first’ box

We love this great tip from a seasoned mover: the ‘Unpack Me First’ box.  Put together a box that includes the basics to help you adjust while you unpack. Include items such as: bedding, towels, alarm clock, phone charger, basic kitchen items, toiletries, light bulbs, garbage bags and a utility knife or scissors for unpacking.


Spaces such as the bedroom and kitchen should be unpacked as soon as possible. We recommend starting with your bedroom. Your bed is a sanctuary and this is especially true after a move.  Setting up your bedroom is a great first step to making your new place feel like home.


If you don’t already have furniture, consider getting multipurpose items like a couch that lifts to reveal extra storage. This is convenient to store bulky items like comforters, or winter coats in the off-season.


Instead of a traditional entertainment centre, consider opting for a chest of drawers. It comes in handy for holding DVDs, books and other items while keeping your place tidy.

Get scrubbing

Leave the dishes for last when unpacking your kitchen. Once you’re set-up, get to the dishes and take them out of the boxes and load them straight into the sink or dishwasher for washing.

Think inside the box

For closets, think inside the box – these containers are not just ideal for clothes, but anything you can think of. Keep shoes in their original shoe boxes and stack them on the floor of your closet.

Once you’re done unpacking, it’s a great time to explore your new neighbourhood. Look up things to do and see throughout the city and enjoy your new community.

Planning a move never comes without challenges, but Panoramic Properties hopes that these pro tips help make your move go as smoothly as possible.