Planning the perfect summer picnic

The Panoramic Properties blog team has put together a few ideas to help our Ottawa residents plan the perfect summer picnic.




Before you can throw a legendary picnic, you’ll have to put in some serious thought to the event. Start off by making a list of people you want to invite so you’ll know how many blankets to bring.


If you don’t already have one, borrow or buy a cooler to use on the big day. Once you’ve decided on the time for your picnic, be sure to check the weather and make a plan for inclement weather.


Pick up some disposable plates, cups and cutlery as well as a large garbage bag for easy clean up. The local Dollar Tree (1460 Merivale) is just a five-minute drive from this Ottawa community and is a perfect place to get these items.




Putting together the perfect picnic menu is easy, you’ll just have to be a bit creative. Hummus dip and veggie sticks or fresh fruit are great for snacking throughout the day and will not perish quickly. Consider setting up a cheese and cracker station, which you can prepare the night before and replenish the platter as needed while at the picnic.


Make an oil and vinegar based potato salad, this will last much longer than one dressed with mayonnaise. Similarly, you can make a cold pasta salad, which is another filling, vegetarian option.


For a gourmet twist on a classic sandwich, prepare this tuna caprese recipe in advance. Another good choice is this chicken sandwich, which will hold up well for a summer picnic.




Britannia Park is the perfect place to host your summer picnic and is only a nine-minute drive from our Baseline Court Apartments (1785-1815 Baseline Road). There are picnic tables and playgrounds to enjoy as well as a beautiful beach.


For a bit of summer fun, have everyone get into the water and play a game of Marco Polo. You could also lie out on the grass and catch a tan, but be sure to use sunscreen. Bring along a portable speaker or radio so that you can have a dance off.



We hope you enjoy your summer picnic. For more information about our Ottawa apartments, visit our website today.