Practical Kitchen Decorating

The kitchen is one of the most useful rooms in your apartment, especially for foodies who love to cook. Add some personality to your kitchen with some practical decorating. The Panoramic Properties blog team has put together some helpful tips for residents of our Niagara Falls apartments.

Cookbooks are a great practical way to add some visual interest to your kitchen. If you have extra space on top of your fridge like in our Pell Street apartment, (8083 Pell Street) you can display your collection on top. Organize them standing by height for a dramatic look and easy access.

Do you have favourite bowls or glassware that you use often? Show them off! Consider getting a bookcase or shelving unit where you can display your most used items or your prized possessions. Inexpensive shelving units and bookcases can be purchased from the local Wal-Mart (7481 Oakwood Dr) which is just seven minutes away from Scholfield Road townhouse (7591 Scholfield Road).

Add a pop of colour to your kitchen with textiles that you’ll use. Think of tea towels, pot holders and rugs. Just about a twenty-minute drive away from our Katrina Court community (6635 Thorold Stone Road) is the local HomeSense (221 Glendale Avenue) where you are sure to find great deals on textiles and other kitchen décor.

When it comes to preparing meals, fresh herbs are all it takes to turn a dish into something spectacular. A mini herb garden is an excellent way to decorate your kitchen by including nature and practicality in one piece. Gauld Nurseries is just a ten-minute drive from our 8915 McGarry Drive townhouse (8915 McGarry Drive) and is the perfect place to check out fresh herbs and learn more about planting and taking care of them.

At Panoramic Properties, our Niagara Falls communities have different styles of housing. From apartment buildings to townhouses, there is something for everyone. Our goal is to help all apartment hunters find a place to call home. For more information about our properties, or to speak with someone, call us toll-free at 1-855-371-1201.