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Save money and feed a crowd with these meal prep recipes

posted on July 27, 2023 in money saving tips

Many Canadians are feeling the pinch of inflation and it has become quite a challenge for people to put food on the table. Good food that's plentiful doesn't have to break the bank, it just takes a little strategy and planning! These meal prep recipes are affordable and feed many mouths.

The following recipes are primarily vegan and vegetarian as the cost of chicken, eggs and meat has gone up a lot. But don't worry, you won't miss the meat with these delicious recipes that stand strong without it.

Vegetable lasagna 

Hearty, healthy and delicious, this vegetable lasagna feeds a crowd and eliminates the need for side dishes. It's packed with protein, veggies, fiber and flavour and serves as a complete meal. Best of all, it's easy to prep, cook, portion and even freeze for future meals. It can also easily be made gluten free and/or vegan. Make a few and freeze the extras for no-brainer meals to come.

Three bean chilli

If you're trying to eat healthy, beans are an affordable, great tasting, nutritious and filling addition to your diet. We throw them in everything from soups and salads to sandwiches and stews like this three bean chili. This particular recipe is very easy and cheap to make. It all gets whipped up in a slow cooker, making it extra hands off. Chili is a great staple meal for any budget friendly meal plan. Pair it with a side like salad, cornbread, fluffy rice or garlic bread for a great meal that won't break the bank. 

Vegan sushi

If you're looking for affordable grab and go meals to prep, this vegan sushi recipe will come in handy! Unlike fish sushi, vegan sushi can last a little longer in the fridge as it's not as much of a potential food hazard. You can also freeze sushi for later! This recipe makes a well balanced vegan roll that involves avocado, veggies and tofu with a delicious dipping sauce, but feel free to swap out these ingredients for your favourites if you aren't into the combination. You can also enjoy this like a deconstructed sushi bowl and just store all the ingredients in tupperware in the fridge so you can whip up another bowl easily. It doesn’t get much cheaper or healthier than a meal of rice and veggies!

Eggplant Parmigiana

Love chicken parmigiana but can't afford tp buy chicken these days? Try eggplant parmigiana instead. It's just as delicious, more nutrient dense, a complete meal and much more affordable. Make a big batch or two and portion and freeze it for future family meals.

Masoor dal

Indian food can be very delicious and affordable to make in large quantities. This is especially true for Indian vegetarian dishes, like this hearty red lentil (Masoor) dal, as they are made largely of cheap ingredients like dried beans, rice and pulses. The flavours are rich and exciting, it's easy to make loads of it, and it's really healthy and filling. Serve it with basmati rice, naan bread or dosas.

Thai fried rice

Fried rice is a popular dish around the world and across cultures. It's a great way to make an affordable batch of rice much more filling and delicious. This Thai fried rice recipe is easy to pull together with ingredients you may already have and the flavours really pop with a perfect balance of sweet, salty, sour and spicy.

Cabbage rolls

Cabbage rolls is a great dish that's affordable to make and feeds a crowd. It can be made with ground meat or bulgur or even lentils as the hearty filling. This vegetarian cabbage rolls recipe is delicious, hearty, healthy and cost effective thanks to the use of quinoa and lentils. It's easy to portion and freeze for future meals and really hits the spot any time of year.

Mac and cheese

You don't need a ton of cheese to make really good baked mac and cheese. The key is to make a cheese sauce that is essentially a bechamel base enriched with cheese. It'll be rich, creamy and cheesy, but still pretty affordable. Use any short pasta shape you like or have on hand and make lots to freeze for future easy weeknight meals with the fam.

We hope you'll dig into these delicious and wallet friendly meal prep meals to serve your family and friends for less.

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