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Simple Apartment Storage Solutions

posted on August 07, 2020

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Most apartment renters agree that they’d prefer to have more storage space – but that’s usually not feasible. These tips will help you square things away in an attractive way.

Stylish Apartment Storage Ideas

If you find yourself running low on space, here are a few ideas for stylish apartment storage solutions. 

Under the bed

If you’re unaware, they make beds with built-in storage! Think of all that perfect, untouched space you’re wasting under a Queen-sized or King-sized bed! Look for a bed frame with drawers. IKEA carries several models. It’s a great place to store clothing or knick-knacks you don’t want to display in your apartment.

Bookshelf wall

While you’re expanding your mind about bedroom storage, consider the space behind your bed. The wall your bed rests against is the perfect place for a large bookshelf. It doesn’t have to be used to store books — you can use the shelves to display your favourite things or put baskets on the shelves to organize your knick knacks, clothing and more.

Shelf dividers

If you need more storage space and want to create the illusion of separation between rooms in your open-concept space, use open shelving as dividers. You can see through the shelves just enough to keep the open vibe while using up all that free storage space.

Storage coffee table

Most people want more storage in their living room. Look for an oversized coffee table with built-in storage. It’s the perfect place to hide books, toys, magazines and all the other things that clutter up your otherwise minimalist space.

Where To Purchase Storage Solutions

The Niagara Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a non-profit organization that offers bargain hunters great deals on new and gently used hardware, furnishing and home accessories. Items here are discounted by at least 50% off the regular retail price, and since it’s run by a registered charitable organization, everything in the store is tax-free! The stock changes regularly, so when you’re in the market for anything from a bookshelf to a new bedside lamp, remember to check the ReStore first.

The ReStore is also an official electronic waste recycling depot, so if you’re clearing out your old computers, cordless phones and radios, be sure to drop them off at the ReStore’s e-waste bin.

At Leon’s Furniture, you’ll find a great assortment of furniture that’s designed specifically for apartments, such as beds that have built-in drawers as the base and ottomans that double as storage chests.

Best Bathroom Storage Solutions

If you share an apartment with someone, the bathroom is usually packed full of your personal belongings. Here’s a list of the best bathroom apartment storage solutions.

The bathroom can be a place of calm or clutter, depending on how your items are stored. Making the most out of every usable square inch in your bathroom changes everything. Take, for example, the bathroom door. It may go unnoticed for a while, but there is serious potential here. Consider getting an over-the-door hook that doesn’t require damaging the door to hang towels or clothing.

Underneath the bathroom sink there is usually a small cabinet with some storage space. Use it wisely. Take the time to neatly organize all the products under the sink so that you can optimize the space. The same rule applies to counter space, if you have a lot of makeup or styling products, sort them nicely. Inexpensive containers or baskets are wonderful storage solutions where your items can be stored tidily.

If your bathroom has extra floor space, consider incorporating a cabinet inside. This storage solution is great for towels, sanitary or cleaning supplies and toiletries. The best part about these cabinets is that they can be moved easily without causing damage to your rental.

Organization solutions are a huge industry. People who love to organize have made it their profession. If you would rather have someone come up with the best bathroom storage solutions for you, then check out a Solutions Store, you’ll find professional organizers available to help.

Smart Storage For Your Winter Wardrobe

Organization is the key to success when it comes to storage, so the first thing you’ll need to do to pack up your winter wardrobe is to thoroughly go through your closet.

Decide on what you want to keep for next year and what you don’t want. Items that you no longer need or like should be sold, donated or discarded. Examine all the items you want to keep and make sure everything is clean before you get ready to store them.

Sort similar items such as sweaters, pants, scarves and hats together to make unpacking easier when next winter comes around. To make the best use of space, roll knit sweaters as opposed to hanging them – this helps them keep their shape and takes up less room. Stack items in plastic storage containers or vacuum-sealed bags to ensure that moisture and dust don’t make their way to your clothes.

Keep your garments fresh and keep pests away with few mothballs, fabric softener sheets, or small cedar blocks added to the storage container. To store winter boots properly, make sure they’re clean and polished before putting them away. Use a shoe tree or stuff the foot of the boot with newspaper to help them keep their shape.

Hang heavy coats and jackets on wooden or padded hangers – which will support their weight. Empty the pockets and button or zip them up to help avoid wrinkles before you store them. Place your stored winter wardrobe in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area in spots like under the bed or on the closet floor where they are away from artificial or natural light.

We hope these apartment storage solutions help you make the most out of every square metre of your home. 

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