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Smart Moving: Organizing and purging in your new St. Catharines apartment

November 6 , 2012

Moving can be an organizer’s dream; however, if you aren’t one of them, it may seem more like a nightmare. Here are some smart unpacking, organizing and purging tips to get you started living in your new St. Catharines apartment:  


  Clearly label boxes before a move to an apartment such as the Westgate Village community inSt. Catharines. When moving your items in, organize boxes according to the labels and place in their designated rooms. This will shave time off of the unpacking process.  

‘Unpack Me First’ Box

  We love this great tip from a seasoned mover: the ‘Unpack Me First’ box. Put together a box that includes the basics to help you adjust while you unpack. Include items such as: bedding, towels, alarm clock, phone charger, basic kitchen items, toiletries, light bulbs, garbage bags and a utility knife or scissors for unpacking.  


  Spaces such as the bedroom and kitchen should be unpacked as soon as possible. We recommend starting with your bedroom. Your bed is a sanctuary and this is especially true after a move. Setting up your bedroom is a great first step to making your new place feel like home.  


  If you don’t already have furniture, consider getting multipurpose items like a couch that lifts to reveal extra storage. This is convenient to store bulky items like comforters, or winter coats in the off-season.  


  Instead of a traditional entertainment centre, consider opting for a chest of drawers. It comes in handy for holding DVDs, books and other items while keeping your place tidy.  

Get scrubbing

  Leave the dishes for last when unpacking your kitchen. Once you’re set up, get to the dishes and take them out of the boxes and load them straight into the sink for washing.  

Think Inside of the Box

  For closets, think inside of the box- these containers are not just ideal for clothes, but anything you can think of. Keep shoes in their original shoeboxes and stack them on the floor of your closet.   Once you’re done unpacking it’s a great opportunity to take some time to explore your new neighbourhood. Look up things to do and see throughout the city and enjoy your new community.   Packing and unpacking can be difficult. The great thing about apartments in St. Catharines is that you just have to focus on the interior; your property managers will take care of the rest. Considering a move? Check out Panoramic Properties’ St. Catharines rentals. After unpacking, the place will feel like home in no time.