Spring & Summer Festivals

There are so many reasons that Niagara Falls is a great place to call home. The blog team at Panoramic Properties is especially excited about all of the festivals taking place this spring and summer and would like to share some of them with you.


To kick off your spring, you can attend the Ontario Welsh Festival at Marriott Gateway on the Falls from April 25-27. For those who like mixing fun and food with a little culture, this festival is the perfect fit with music, food, and lectures all less than 10km from all Panoramic Properties Niagara Falls apartments. Not Welsh? Prefer Celtic? Don’t worry, there’s a festival for that too.


Another great opportunity for a blend of culture and fun is the Niagara Folk Arts Festival (85 Church Street, St Catharines) from May 9th to June 1st. This is Niagara Falls’ oldest heritage event and it has exhibitions, dances and live entertainment only 13 minutes from Katrina Court Apartments (6635 Thorold Stone Road).


Quilters can enjoy Quilt Canada at Brock University (500 Glenridge Avenue) from June 11-14. Comic book lovers can attend Comic Con (6815 Stanley Avenue) from June 6-8, and foodies can delight in ribs galore at RibFest in Niagara Square (7555 Montrose Road), which takes place July 13-15.


Make sure you check out at Canal Days or the Peach Festival. These events, like the all-summer dazzling IlluminAqua or the theater-filled Shaw Festival, are just a little further away. You’ll want to plan on a 25-minute drive to attend, which might be the perfect opportunity to get out and get to know the greater Niagara Falls community.


Remember, our list is only some of the festivals that are taking place. There are lots to choose from. When you do find the festival perfect for you, make sure you play it safe by staying hydrated and arranging a driver to help you get home safely if needed.


Panoramic Properties’ is proud to have so many choices so close. Take advantage of the opportunities and experience the exciting festivals happening in the backyard of your Niagara Falls apartment.