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Stay Fit this Summer in Belleville

August 31 , 2015

Belleville Ontario is a great place to spend a week, the entire summer or the rest of your life. This small town with a population of about 50,000 sits on the picturesque bay of Quinte, and its beautiful location makes it the ultimate summer destination, especially because the town hosts a variety of festivals, parades and summer events. So if you are vacationing, visiting for the summer, or you call Belleville your home, you'll find this place the idyllic setting to get into shape and stay fit over the summer.   The town offers a splendid community in a pretty historical setting, giving it an old world charm that visitors seem to enjoy most in the summer. The scenery is awe inspiring, as gorgeous flowers, greenery and trees dot every street and grow along the lakeside and local trails. The beautiful surrounding lakeside makes Belleville the perfect setting for almost any sport or physical activity; an idyllic location to help you get fit again after being lazy all winter and spring. The following sports activities are wonderful options to help you get back into shape, and enjoy the warm Ontario summer.  

Take Up Walking

  Walking is probably the easiest way to start exercising, as it doesn't require any special equipment, except for a good pair of workout shoes. Walk along the Belleville Riverfront trail, which follows along the Moira River and passes right through downtown. You'll enjoy the scenery and wonder of walking along an old rail line. Stop along the lookouts, gazebos and kiosks and contemplate the views. With such beautiful settings, exercise won't seem like such a chore. Walk for 5, 10 or 15 minutes and gradually work your way up to longer walking periods of 30 to 40 minutes. Once you get used to the extra activity and your body no longer feels sore, you should be taking about a 45 minute or 4 kilometer walk. As you progress in strength and find you can walk for longer periods of time, you may want to start thinking of going on half-day or entire-day scenic hikes along the scenic Waterfront trail that starts along Wallbridge-Loyalist Rd and continues to East Bayshore Park, then towards Hwy 2 to the Deseronto and ending in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. Once you do decide to progress into hiking be sure to take extra water, a sweater for the dawn or evening hours, and a small first-aid kit on longer day hikes, just in case.  

Sailing or Boating

  Sailing in the Bay of Quinte County can be a lot of fun, but it's also a great way to get fit, as it requires a great deal of stamina and helps develop muscles. The bay is a top sailing destination in Canada, but is also fun for rowers and dragon-boaters, which are great alternatives to sailing with similar excercise benefits. When sailing, the walking around the boat works your abs and legs, as you continually maintain your balance while performing the navigational activities. Pulling the sails works arms, abs and shoulders too. Alternative boating activities like rowing also develop these muscles. You may even be surprised that you feel muscle soreness when you first start your boating activity. Once you start this sports activity you can increase your stamina or fitness level by adding a weight lifting routine to help you with your future sailing techniques. Join one of the Belleville gyms and ask the instructor to give you exercises, which can make you a better sailor.  


  Just 35 to 45 minutes of swimming can energize, tone and shape your body. Swimming offers great muscle toning and aerobic fitness. Each lap you take will help you fight fat and get you more limber. One 45 minute session can burn up to 350 calories. You can hop in the pool at Albert Park, and there are several well known gyms in Belleville like the YMCA, the One to One Fitness Center, or the Body by Sergio facility, where you can swim, participate in sports or work out on the equipment.   Whether you want to enjoy a friendly game of basketball, volleyball or baseball or head out with the family on a cycling, skateboarding, hiking or walking trip, Belleville has some beautiful outdoor water and wonderfully scenic areas to enjoy. It's just a matter of walking out your apartment door.   If you're looking for an apartment in Belleville, check out what Panoramic Properties has to offer:   References: