Stay safe this Halloween

Halloween is a fun-filled holiday celebrated with costumes, candy and community events. You’ll find lots to do this season near your Sudbury apartment. The Panoramic Properties blog team wants to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe Halloween with a few tips and suggestions.




Halloween is a fun opportunity for children and adults alike to pick a costume to wear. Be safe this upcoming holiday by choosing a costume that is not just unique, but properly fits you or your child. Your outfit shouldn’t be so bulky or restraining that you aren’t able to easily move. Avoid masks that reduce your vision and opt instead for make-up. Wear shoes that are easy to walk in so that you do not trip or fall. If you are planning an evening outdoors, check the forecast ahead of time to ensure you have enough layers to keep warm. Keep these safety tips in mind when shopping for costumes at the nearby Spirit Sudbury (450 Notre Dame Avenue). This Halloween superstore is a ten-minute drive from Nepahwin Villa (1904 Paris Street).




Whether you are trick-or-treating with younger family members or hosting a get together with friends and family at your Sudbury apartment, stay safe this Halloween by monitoring what you eat. Make sure any candy that you receive is sufficiently wrapped, and eat treats in moderation to prevent feeling ill. Advice for parents on how to moderate children’s candy consumption this holiday can be found online.


Community Events


Halloween is the perfect time to experience a family-friendly community event happening nearby.  Halloween at Dynamic Earth (122 Big Nickel Mine Drive) is an exciting event that takes place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in October. This event features the award-winning attraction Pumpkinferno, an outdoor exhibit featuring thousands of hand-carved pumpkins. The event also hosts the Family Fun Halloween Galleries, which include an art gallery, bistro, crafts, face painting and more.  The Dynamic Earth science centre is an eight-minute drive from Southend Apartments in Sudbury (1310 Nesbitt Drive).


Happy Halloween from the blog team at Panoramic Properties! We hope your Halloween is both fun and safe. For more information about our many Sudbury locations, visit our website today.