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Storage Solutions for an Apartment Space

August 10 , 2015

One of the top reasons why people choose a Panoramic Properties apartment in St. Catharines is for the maintenance-free, worry-free lifestyle. Thanks to the high-quality buildings and diligent property managers, residents at both the Westgate Village Apartments and Linwell Road Apartments never need to worry about shoveling snow, cutting the grass or doing household repairs, leaving them free to relax in their apartment homes.     While many first-time apartment dwellers enjoy the freedom of living in an apartment, they also often have concerns about where they will put all their things. By using storage solutions like vertical shelving, multi-purpose furniture and closet organizers, anyone can have lots of storage space in their St. Catharines apartment. Here are some places in the Niagara region where you can find affordable, simple storage solutions like stackable totes, designer bookshelves and racks:     The Niagara Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a non-profit organization that offers bargain hunters great deals on new and gently used hardware, furnishing and home accessories. Items here are discounted by at least 50% off the regular retail price, and since it's run by a registered charitable organization, everything in the store is tax-free! The stock changes regularly, so when you're in the market for anything from a bookshelf to a new bedside lamp, remember to check the ReStore first.     The St. Catharines ReStore is also an official electronic waste recycling depot, so if you're clearing out your old computers, cordless phones and radios, be sure to drop them off at the ReStore's e-waste bin.     Leon's Furniture is located just south of St. Catharines, about 1 km past the skyway bridge. Here you'll find a great assortment of furniture that's designed specifically for apartments, such as beds that have built-in drawers as the base and ottomans that double as storage chests.     Another great place to find deals on everything from stackable plastic storage totes to drawer units and bookshelves is Lapennaco Liquidation Center in nearby Niagara Falls. This interesting warehouse-style outlet store is a short 10-minute drive from St. Catharines, located right at the corner of Stanley Avenue and the 420.