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Stretch Your Apartment Rental Dollar with Modular and Foldaway Furniture

posted on August 28, 2012

Ottawa is a truly great place to live. A strong job market and broad range of cultural opportunities make Canada's capital city a magnet for young professionals, with downtown apartment living representing a popular and convenient option. As more people move into cozier spaces, the market for space-saving modular and foldaway apartment furniture has blossomed in recent years. The rental cost of apartment space is pretty much determined by the marketplace, but what a renter does to enhance the "liveability value" of the space they rent is limited only by their imagination. Modular and foldaway furniture is often the key.


Today's top designers of apartment furnishings provide an incredible array of space-stretching options, sometimes at incredible prices to match. For the educated young professionals drawn to the Ottawa lifestyle, just becoming familiar with the work of top furniture designers is all the inspiration they need to spark creative use of the many affordable modular and foldaway furnishings readily available in the area's many furniture showrooms.


The first step in getting the most "liveability value" for your money, is to find the best apartment space in your budget range. Panoramic Properties is a great place to start your search for an apartment in Ottawa.


Looking for modular and foldaway furniture ideas and inspirations? Try these links to stretch your sense of what's possible:


  • Inhabitat showcases attractive and economical apartment furnishing ideas with an eco-friendly bent.

  • Resource Furniture sells high-end Italian designed furnishings. The prices may be a bit high for most of us, but the concepts presented may spark that key idea that makes your apartment work.

  • The Tiny House Blog energizes your apartment furnishing creativity from a very different but entirely worthwhile perspective.


Need ideas on where to shop in the Ottawa area?


  • - Urban Barn provides an array of furnishings scaled to apartment living. Check out the "Room Planner" feature on their site that allows you to enter the dimensions of a room, and then drag and drop furnishings into the space you created to get an idea of how furnishings will fit together. It is a valuable free tool you can use at home. For directions to the Ottawa location, and links to the Room Planner, visit:

  • The Modern Shop, a relatively new addition to the lineup of Bank Street furniture stores, specializes in modular and apartment scaled furnishings and accessories.

  • - Need more ideas? Ottawakiosk lists all major sellers of furniture in the Ottawa area, with links to websites and valuable store descriptions.