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Stylish apartment storage ideas

posted on January 10, 2020

Luxury interior home with coffee cup and gray midcentury loveseat

Most apartment renters will agree that they’d prefer to have more storage space, but that’s usually just not that feasible. If you find yourself running low, here are a few ideas for stylish apartment storage. These tips will help you square things away in an attractive way.

Under the bed

If you’re unaware, they make beds with built-in storage! Think of all that perfect, untouched space you’re wasting under a Queen-sized or King-sized bed! Look for a bed frame with drawers. Ikea carries several models. It’s a great place to store clothing or knick-knacks you don’t want to display in your apartment.

Bookshelf wall

While you’re expanding your mind about bedroom storage, consider the space behind your bed. The wall your bed rests against is the perfect place for a large bookshelf. It doesn’t have to be used to store books -- you can use the shelves to display your favourite things or put baskets on the shelves to organize your knick-knacks, clothing and more.

Shelf dividers

If you need more storage and want to create the illusion of separation between rooms in your open-concept space, use open shelving as dividers. You can see through the shelves just enough to keep the open vibe while using up all that free storage space.

Storage coffee table

Most people want more storage in their living room. Look for an oversized coffee table with built-in storage. It’s the perfect place to hide books, toys, magazines and all the other things that clutter up your otherwise minimalist space.

Adding storage to your apartment doesn’t have to mean stacking a ton of rubber bins in a corner. Apartment storage can be stylish! We hope these tips inspire you to rethink your storage space at home.

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