Temporary decor for your apartment

Home décor is similar to fashion, what’s popular comes in and out of style often. If you like the idea of updating your decor frequently, you’re in the right place. For today’s post, the Panoramic Properties blog team has put together some tips on temporary décor to help out our St. Catharines residents.


Small Accessories


Picture frames, throw pillows and lampshades are ideal décor items that are fairly inexpensive and are great for temporary use. Change the photos as well as the pillows and lampshades with the seasons to keep your apartment looking up to date. The local Salvation Army Thrift Store, (350 Scott Street Unit #102) is just an eight-minute walk from our Church Apartments (99 Church Street) and is a good place to search for these small accessories.


Incorporate Nature


Fresh flowers and seasonal plants can amp up your décor without a big commitment.  Colonial Florists Ltd (58 Broadway) is just a four-minute drive from our Westgate Village Apartments (30 Bradmon Drive) and is a great place to find some live décor choices.


DIY Décor


Get crafty and create your own temporary décor such as a paper wheel mural in your St. Catharines apartment. Social media sharing sites such as Pinterest have hundreds of ideas for bright and bold do-it-yourself projects that are ideal for long or short-term designs.  The local Michaels (275 Fourth Avenue #100) is just an eight-minute drive from our Queenston Apartments (349 Queenston) and the perfect place to find all the supplies you’ll need for DIY décor projects.


Wall Decals


If you do like the idea of adding some interest to your walls but don’t want to make a huge commitment, specialty wall decals are a good option. These removable stickers can easily be placed and taken off the walls whenever you feel like changing up the look. There are so many designs to choose from including chalkboard styles and more.


The Panoramic Properties’ blog team hopes you like these temporary décor ideas. For more information about our St. Catharines apartments, visit our website today.