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Temporary design changes that won't leave a mark

posted on November 12, 2021

Your apartment needs a new look – we get it. But maybe your lease doesn't allow you to make a lot of drastic changes. Here are our favourite temporary design changes that won't leave a mark. Give them a try to add flair and a pop of personality to your space – without losing your damage deposit!

Bring in some bold accessories

A great way to change up your space, without spending a ton of money or nailing anything down, is to update your apartment accessories. Well-chosen pillowcases, rugs and throw blankets can really change a room without causing any permanent damage. If you really want a look that screams look at me, opt for bold colours or patterns that stand out. For throw blankets, consider oversized chunky knits to add depth and texture. Stores like Winners are a great place to shop for trendy and beautiful, but affordable, decor accessories like these.

Refresh your window treatments

Another easy way to change the feel of the room is to change the window treatments. If you still have the same old curtains, it might be time to replace them with something fresh and new. Much like the accessories, opt for bold colours or patterns to really make them pop. Another consideration is the fabric. Light and airy will let in more light, making your space feel more open. Dark and heavy can make your space feel cozy and even elegant. Find the window treatments that match your personality! Ikea has a ton of them to choose from for affordable prices.

Add patterns with temporary wallpaper

If you learn towards patterned decor, you probably wish you could wallpaper your space. Wallpaper is notoriously hard to remove, making it a renter’s nightmare. But guess what? You can totally use it in your apartment, damage-free, if you choose the right wallpaper for the job. Look for temporary wallpaper, like the amazing collection at Spoonflower, that sticks on and peels off with ease. Before you go crazy and coat all your walls with it, remember that less is often more and that using wallpaper for an accent wall may be a tasteful but bold choice.

Transform your floor

If you’re not a fan of your current floor, you can give it a serious, but temporary, upgrade with removable tile stickers! These will not damage the floor underneath and can really transform a room with bold patterns and colours. Check them out on Etsy to see what we mean! These are great for kitchens and bathrooms where you may have less than fresh tile.

Add some life with plants

Nothing can liven up a space quite like actual life! Plants can really make a space feel more lived in and can be totally beautiful additions to your apartment. Look for unusual and large plants that do well indoors such as Monstera, succulents, air plants or money trees. If you don’t know where to start, pay a visit to a plant nursery or flower shop and don’t be shy – ask what they’d recommend for your unique space and needs. Be sure to let them know things like your apartment’s light conditions, how often you’re home etc so they get the full picture.

Make your plants pop

Whether you’re new to plants or have been growing them in your apartment for years, great planters can really take your apartment decor to new heights. There are so many styles to choose from they really let your personality shine. We love basket planters, classic terracotta pots and boldly patterned pots and plant stands. You can find tons of affordable planters in shops like Ikea, but if you want something really beautiful and unique for your space, check out Etsy.

Illuminate your space

Nothing changes the look and feel of a space quite like new lighting. Before you jump on a ladder and replace the chandelier, remember that your landlord probably won’t be happy about long term changes like that. You can still dramatically change your apartment lighting though! Invest in stylish floor and table lamps and even string lights and lanterns. Be sure to test the lighting at the store first to ensure you like the glow the light creates. Ikea has an enormous and affordable lighting department to explore. You can also score great lighting finds at thrift stores and antique shops -- just be sure they work! If your budget is big, and you want something different, check out Etsy’s impressive options.

We hope these temporary design change ideas inspire you to change your space without leaving a trace.

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