The art of illusion: studio apartment ideas

Whether you are telecommuting or simply spending less time out and about, having a comfortable place to call home has never been more important. A studio apartment may not have an abundance of extra space to offer, but with a little creativity, you can transform a studio space into something pretty special. 

Small Space Furniture

If you have the luxury of furnishing a studio apartment from the ground up, choosing small space furniture can make a huge difference in how your home feels. A sofa bed or trundle bed that serves double duty may be a good idea — either as a nightly bedroom conversion or for guests. A Murphy bed that tucks away during the day can be a sleek, space-saving alternative.

Open shelving unit

Separating your living spaces can transform your home from dorm-like to dream-like. There are many ways to divide your living area to conquer your design desires. Open shelving units, or an open bookcase, can create a unique aesthetic and divide the space — without blocking precious sunlight. 

Room dividers

For an even airier alternative for dividing your space, look for floor-to-ceiling curtains or chic and stylish privacy screens. A well-placed privacy screen can instantly create a cozy sleep space or small dining area that feels distinct from your main living area. A small desk is also a great way to divide and dedicate your space. 

Screen it in

If you love watching movies, but don’t have the space to spare for your dream screening room, a projector screen can be two space-saving solutions in one. The screen can separate your living space and you can use it to watch movies and play video games with a projector. 

Reflect on your space

Don’t forget about low tech solutions! You can use mirrors to divide your space as well as to reflect light and make any small space feel much larger. 

We hope these creative ideas help you maximize your studio apartment space.

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