The best places for craft beer in Mississauga



How ‘bout a cold one, Mississauga!? Whatever your craft beer preferences are, you can find what you’re looking for right here, at home. Panoramic Properties has rounded up some of the best places for craft beer in Mississauga.


Old Credit Brewing Co Ltd


If you haven’t paid a visit to the Old Credit Brewing Co Ltd ( 6 Queen St W) in Mississauga, you’re missing out. Located less than a 10 minute drive from the apartments at 2200 Sherobee, this family run brewery has created 3 award winning beers. Their original Amber Ale features an aromatic bouquet that is engagingly nutty with fresh, fruity notes. Their Pale Pilsner is medium bodied with a smooth taste, and their Holiday Honey (which is made with Billy Bee Honey) is a sweet sip after a long day. Taste the difference a slow-brewed, ice-aged beer makes.


The Crooked Cue


The Crooked Cue is a family-run craft beer bar and billiards hall. It has been a Mississauga mainstay for over 20 years in it’s current location at 75 Lakeshore Rd E. It’s only minutes from 45 Paisley or 2200 Sherobee. They serve over 100 “pure beers”, in the Belgian style, as organic as possible. They have 20 brews on tap, as well as an imported Cask beer engine for cask conditioned beers. The bartenders are draught master trained and know how to pour the perfect pint. Many of their craft beers are brewed by family owned breweries that adhere to the Bavarian Purity Act standards. They are not tied to a major brewery so they can offer a variety of quality beers free from corporate influence.


3 Brewers


3 Brewers (5860 Mavis Rd) is a bar/restaurant chain that takes brewing seriously. At each location you can choose their original White, Blonde, Amber, Brown or IPA. For fall, they’re offering a Harvest Ale – a Canadian version of a classic American IPA, brewed with freshly harvested Ontario Chinook hops. Stop by for a sip anytime. If you’re serious about your beer, sign up for their Create your own cask workshop. Their master brewers guide you through the brewery and educate you about the process. You choose your ingredients to create your personal best cask. When it’s time to tap it, you can invite up to 30 friends to the microbrewery to taste your creation. It makes a perfect gift for the beer lover on your list.


Cheers, MississaugaPanoramic Properties hopes that these suggestions for the best places for craft beer in Mississauga help you quench your thirst for a fine brew. Please remember to enjoy responsibly. For information on Panoramic Properties for rent in Mississauga, please visit our website.