Three home projects to tackle in 2014

The New Year is almost here and plenty of people have already started thinking about their resolutions. For today’s post, the Panoramic Properties blog team has put together some suggestions for our Thorold residents to consider. Here are three home projects to tackle in 2014.




The first and best step anyone can take before tackling any home project is de-cluttering. Over time, we accumulate so many items that have little to no value in our daily lives. Just like our previous Five tips to organize your junk drawer post, the same steps apply for any area in your apartment. Dump and sort the items in your closets, dispose of unwanted pieces, divide objects into similar categories and maintain the upkeep for a clean, de-cluttered home.


Create under the bed storage solutions


If you are in need of more storage areas in your Thorold apartment, consider utilizing the space underneath your bed. This is the perfect spot to stow away seasonal items, extra blankets and mementos. A few storage boxes like these wheeled ones here are perfect and will fit under most beds. Since they are clear, you can easily find what you are looking for and they are extra convenient thanks to the wheels. Bins like these can be found at the nearby Wal-Mart (525 Welland Avenue) in St. Catharines, which is just twelve minutes away from our Front Street Apartments (40 Front Street).


Organize your freezer


Freezers can sometimes become a place where things go in, but never come out. Save yourself the time and money of buying food that goes to waste by investing in some inexpensive plastic storage solutions. The nearby Dollarama (216 Glenridge Avenue) in St. Catharines is the perfect place to find such bins. They come in smaller sizes that fit perfectly into freezers and are great for sorting and storing similar items. Labeling them accordingly will help you find what you need quicker. To get a better idea of how this would work, click here.


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