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Thrifty Decorating Tips for your Apartment in Ottawa

November 2 , 2012
Panoramic Properties Inc.

Often when it comes to home décor, items in stores seem high-priced and bland. Infusing your own personality into decorating has its perks; you end up with something that is your style and you can save some money at the same time.

Here are a few thrifty decorating tips which are easy on the eye and the pocket:

Glass jars candle display: Next time you use a glass jar, think twice before throwing it away - it could become your next feature piece. Collect glass jars in different shapes and heights for this cost effective project. Run under hot water to remove the labels, then use nail polish remover or Goo-Gone to get rid of any sticky residue. Once the jars are nice and clean, fill with coffee beans, stones or sand and place them on a decorative tray. Add a tea light candle in each, and light them for a warm visual effect. For candles and other low-cost décor ideas, check out Ottawa's Ikea (Pinecrest Shopping
Centre. 2685 Iris St.)

Dollar store framed photo display: Got tons of wall space? Gather your favourite pictures, postcards, love notes, memorable items, or ornamental paper. Take a trip to your local dollar store and purchase some frames. Varying the sizes and colours create an eclectic look when displayed together. Decide which memento will go in what frame, then organize the placement of each one on a table or the floor first. Once you are satisfied with the appearance, proceed to hang them on the wall or display on a counter. Dollar stores near Baseline Court include: Dollar Tree (1460 Merivale Rd.) or Dollar Thrifty (1453 Merivale Rd.)

DIY canvas paintings display: If you’re in a creative mood, head to a local art supplies store like Wallacks (Stafford Centre, 11-1827 Robertson Rd.) and pick up a few blank canvases. You'll also need acrylic paints, brushes and a palette (paper palettes are a convenient and clean alternative). Think of a colour scheme and just get started! Geometric figures can make for interesting artworkand once you’re finished you can display your paintings around your home.

If you like the idea of creating your own paintings but don’t have an artistic bone in your body, swing by 4Cats Arts Studio (1107 Wellington Street West), a nearby art studio that offers classes!

Make your Ottawa home your own with these thrifty tips for decorating!


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