Tiny apartment hacks that will help you live large

Trendy black and white small space apartment and hipster student.

Tiny living is all the rage these days and we’re big fans of living with less. If you’re a believer in less is more, or live in a small space for financial reasons, here are our best tiny apartment hacks that will help you live large.

Less is more

When your space is small, it can seem like a challenge to fit everything you want inside it. The more you squeeze in, the smaller the space tends to look and feel. If you want to purge some of your possessions but you aren’t sure where to start, grab a journal and write down your daily home routine. Once you determine all the things you do regularly, you can use that list to determine what in your home might be unnecessary versus what’s essential. The most common basics to include are a bed, couch, table and chairs, desk and rug. Anything beyond that is probably not critical. 

Up up and away

When you’re short on floor space, it’s time to go up, up and away! Wall shelving is a great way to increase the open feeling of your floorspace without compromising on storage. To make it feel really open, opt for free floating shelves over heavy bookcases.

Reflections for a bigger feel

This tip is more smoke and mirrors, but it’s a classic for good reason. Adding mirrors and reflective surfaces to a small space can make it feel much larger. Try adding decorative mirrors to the rooms of your apartment to make everything feel more spacious and open, or try incorporating translucent furniture. 

Think expandable

This tip works like magic! Look for expandable and hideaway furniture items for your small space. This lets you squeeze in the pieces you want while making them essentially storable for those times you aren’t using them. Think Murphy beds, extendable tables and more!

Panoramic Properties hopes that these tiny space hacks help you live large! 

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