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Tools to have in your apartment that make life easier

posted on August 28, 2020

One of the many upsides of calling a Panoramic Properties rental apartment your home is the convenience and peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re well looked after. Making repairs and taking care of routine maintenance for plumbing, electrical, heating or appliances are simply not your problem. All you have to do to fix something is fill out an easy 

Online Maintenance Request and the issue will be handled for you. That being said, it is always good to have a few tools in your apartment toolkit. You may never need them, or you may find yourself using your tools more often than you thought. Whether it’s to tighten a screw or assemble a new piece of furniture, when you need a tool, you need it now. The right tool can make all the difference. Here are a few tools to have in your apartment that make life easier.


There are many problems that can be solved with the simple turning of a screw. Maybe you have a loose, rattling pot handle that turns something simple, like heating up a can of soup, into a delicate balancing act. The right screwdriver can save the day. There are different kinds of screwdrivers that fit different kinds of screws. The most common types are flathead (self-explanatory), Phillips (star-shaped) and Robertson (square-head). There are also different sizes of screwdrivers to fit different sized screws. 

You can collect a selection of screwdrivers with different bits, in different sizes, or you can simplify and get yourself a multi-bit screwdriver with interchangeable bits to handle any screw. As with all things in life, you get what you pay for. You can choose a very affordable version that may need to be replaced in time, or an upmarket brand that may very well be the first and last screwdriver you ever own. Look for a screwdriver with a wide grip. This will provide better torque and make turning the screws even easier. 


There is an old folk song, written by Pete Seeger, called “If I had a hammer”. It was a rallying call for justice and equality in the Labor Movement. While you may not find yourself hammering in the morning and in the evening all over this land, you may find it very convenient to have this tool on hand. You don’t need to rebuild society with it or join people together, but sometimes you have to join two pieces of wood together or drive a nail home. 

When you need a hammer, nothing else will do. If you are currently among the hammerless you know this to be true. You have likely tried to substitute this essential tool with the hard heel of a shoe, a hardcover book or even a rock. Most likely, you’ll only end up breaking something (and require even more tools to fix it). It’s time to move out of the stone age and get your hands on this essential tool. 

Adjustable Wrench

This item is also known as a crescent wrench or a spanner. An adjustable wrench is another basic toolkit essential. It can come in handy for tightening nuts and bolts, bicycle repair and maintenance and assembling furniture. An adjustable wrench means it may be the only wrench you’ll ever need. Why bother with a set of fixed-sized wrenches? 

Tape Measure

Measure twice, cut once. Even if you don’t plan on doing any cutting, a handy, retractable tape measure is essential. It can help you place curtains symmetrically, or measure if that new piece of furniture (that you will have to assemble with your other new tools) will fit into the space that you’re planning to put it in. There are countless uses for a tape measure. As an added bonus, it has that belt clip-thing that enables you to clip it to your waist and feel like a real carpenter. 


A pair of needle-nose pliers will give you a good grip, even in those tight spots where an adjustable wrench simply cannot venture. 

Allen Keys

Another key tool for your kit is a set of Allen Keys. These handy hexagonal-headed tools are also known as Hex Keys or Allen Wrenches. If you’ve ever put together a bookcase, or anything else from Ikea, you’ve used one of these tools before. This affordable and foldable option gives you a variety of size options in a convenient and easy-to-store Swiss Army Knife-style package.  

Other Odds and Ends

If you stock your apartment toolkit with the above tools, you’ll be in a much better position than your previous, tool-less self. To round out your kit, you may want to round up a few other odds and ends. Duct tape has seemingly infinite uses, even if you don’t even know what ducts are. A flashlight and batteries can come in super handy if your smartphone is dead. You can get a hand-cranked flashlight that doesn’t require batteries – just wind it up and let it shed light on your situation. 

We hope these basic tools help to make life in your Panoramic Properties apartment even easier. 

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