Try an activity tracker to meet your fitness goals

Whatever your health goals are, a personal activity tracker might be able to help you reach them faster. At Panoramic Properties, we want all of our residents, especially those in Welland to be in optimal health. For today’s post, our blog team has put together a guide of the best activity trackers on the market to help you meet your fitness goals.


The Basis B1 is one of the best personal activity trackers out there and is priced at $199. This handy device is worn like a watch, yet it has so many more functions than just telling time. When worn, this high-tech device automatically detects physical movement such as running, walking, bicycling and sleeping and focuses on your habits. It wirelessly syncs over Bluetooth and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.


Fitbit is the creator of numerous activity trackers such as the Zip, One, Flex and Aria that vary in price from $60 to $130. The comfortable and lightweight trackers have thoughtful designs as well as web and mobile apps to help supplement your fitness routine. This device tracks the number of steps you take per day, the distance you move, how many calories you burn, how long you sleep and more.


The Jawbone UP is a stylish wrist tracker that monitors personal health and fitness very carefully in a wonderful mobile app for iOS and Android. It is comfortable and includes a vibration alarm, which is ideal for those who don’t want to wake their partners. This tracker also helps people understand how they sleep, move and eat so that they could work on their habits. Connects with RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness and other apps.

You might be able to browse through these and other personal fitness trackers at Buckner’s Source For Sports (545 Niagara Street), which is seven minutes away from our Concorde Place Apartments (155 Hagar Street). Otherwise, they are available through their websites or on Amazon.


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