Warm fall decor trends to cozy up to

Red velvet sofa in a minimalist lounge - rendering


The cool and crisp fall breezes are already beginning to blow into Mississauga. Before it gets downright chilly, Panoramic Properties wants to help you warm up your apartment with warm fall decor trends to cozy up to.




This fall’s decor is all about cozy, warm and even a little luxurious. Velvet is back in a big way. There is nothing like the soft and sumptuous look and feel of velvet. If you’re planning a big ticket item this season, a velvet sofa will cradle you in warm, wonderful luxury. If you’re short on cash, you can spend a lot less and just toss a few velvet throw pillows and a cozy velvet blanket onto your current couch to get the look.


A Touch of Gold


Keep the understated look of luxury going with gold accent pieces. A little gold goes a long way. Less is more. You don’t want to look like you live in a jewellery box.


Statement Colour


While warm, neutral tones work best on your walls, there is nothing wrong with adding touches of statement colour to make your apartment pop this fall. The bedroom is the perfect place to start. All you have to do is replace your duvet cover with a cozy and classy touch of colour.


Warm Modern Neutrals


Modern neutral means a combination of different design elements that together create a simple, warm and elegant look. For kitchen and dining room furniture, choose stripped timbers, natural wood grain and patinas. Match this with simple patterned crockery, gray chairs, and a simple patterned rug to tie it all together.


Red and Oranges


Warm neutral needs a touch of warm colour to make it feel complete. Red and orange are making a comeback in 2018 and into 2019 and are perfect for fall. Big florals are big right now, too.  A bold red and orange floral art piece checks all the right boxes.


Panoramic Properties hopes these decor ideas make you feel like your whole home is wrapped in a big cozy sweater! For information on Panoramic Properties in Mississauga, including the comfort and convenience of life at 45 Paisley Blvd or the luxury and amenities of 2200 Sherobee, please visit our website.