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Warm up with these seasonal fall recipes

posted on September 08, 2023 in recipes

You can feel it like a chill in the air -- fall is coming! As the leaves change so do our palates and we naturally gravitate towards heartier meals. If you're craving fall comfort food, here are some seasonal recipes well worth whipping up. Try them at home -- they'll warm your belly and your soul.

Sweet potato chowder

Sweet potato chowder is a great seasonal soup to reach for this fall. Loaded with seasonal sweet potatoes and spiked with warm seasonal spices, like sage and paprika, and chunks of other tender root vegetables, it's healthy, delicious and hearty. 

Apple cinnamon strudel

If you like apple pie, but don't have the energy to whip up pie dough from scratch, this Apple cinnamon strudel meets you halfway. It uses store bought puff pastry instead, and an easy-to-make sweet apple filling, to make something truly delicious and seasonal. It's also pretty impressive to serve.

Silky squash risotto 

If you're looking for a delicious seasonal meal that will impress people this fall, this Silky squash risotto is just the ticket. Jamie Oliver shows you how to whip up this incredible and flavourful risotto with roasted squash, marjoram and Parmesan at home. It's a vegetarian delight! Note well: Parmesan is not technically vegetarian, but pecorino cheese is and is a great substitution. 

Pumpkin gratin

If you like pumpkin, cheddar and sage, you'll love this scrumptious Pumpkin gratin. Imagine silky and rich pumpkin puree, topped off with an herby, cheesy and crispy breadcrumb topping. It's simply divine and totally seasonal.

Pear frangipane tartlets

A pear and frangipane tart, known as in French, is a traditional fall and winter dessert that uses fresh, in-season pears. The pears are poached and nested on a bed of frangipane (a delicious sweet almond-enriched buttercream) in a buttery shortcrust pastry. These Pear frangipane tartlets are the perfect fall treat.

Roasted kabocha salad

This roasted kabocha salad with goat cheese and pomegranate dressing and pomegranate arils is a beautiful, delicious and light fall meal. It’s also full of good-for-you ingredients that will help you stay healthy in cold and flu season.

Butternut squash ravioli

If you love squash in the fall, you owe it to yourself to make these butternut squash ravioli. Butternut squash is roasted with garlic, pureed, used to fill fresh pasta ravioli and served in a delicious sage and butter sauce. It’s fall on a plate!

Hot apple cider

Hot apple cider is the perfect fall drink! Its sweet and spicy smell fills your home in the fall and its delicious flavour warms your belly and soul. This version is quick and easy to whip up and tastes sweet and delicious with no added sugar.

Shaved brussel sprout salad

If you’re not a fan of brussel sprouts, you just probably haven’t tried them like this! This shaved brussel sprout salad is delicious. It’s crisp, sweet, tart, savoury and rich all at once thanks to a lemony dressing, dried cranberries, pecorino cheese and pine nuts. You’re going to love it and look forward to fall when brussel sprouts are in season.

Apple butter cinnamon rolls

If you love the smell of spiced apples in the fall, give these delicious apple butter cinnamon rolls a try! They are filled with sweet apple butter, which is readily available at fall farmers markets, and topped with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting that’s simply delicious. They’re the perfect warm and gooey fall breakfast treat.

Cranberry chutney

Cranberries are in season in fall in Canada, so why not grab some and make this incredibly flavourful cranberry chutney! It’s sweet, tart and savoury which makes it seem like the ultimate fall condiment! Swap it for traditional cranberry sauce at your next roast dinner or try it with some cheese and crackers.

Beet, mint and feta salad

Beets are a delightful seasonal root vegetable best enjoyed deep in fall as they get sweeter as frost arrives. Grab some at the store and make this roasted beet, feta and mint salad. To make it, you’ll roast the beets and drizzle them with a sweet tangy dressing, then toss them with salty feta and chopped mint. It’s a perfectly balanced, hearty salad that’s perfect for fall.

We hope you dig into these incredible seasonal recipes this fall! They’ll warm your belly and feed your soul.

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