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Ways to carve out a home office in a small apartment

July 6 , 2018

Colorful interior of home office  

Whether you work from home, need a cozy spot to pay bills, or you’re working on your novel -- a home office is always handy. If you’ve looked around your apartment and think you don’t have any space to spare, you may want to rethink it. Panoramic Properties presents some practical ways to carve out a home office in a small apartment in Ottawa.


Rethink the Living Room Layout


Simply switching around the arrangement of your living room furniture can free up some unseen space. By moving your sofa, you may be able to open up a small space under a window. All you really need is a wooden shelf wide enough to hold a laptop. A small stool will feel less imposing than trying to insert an office chair where it doesn’t belong. You can find almost anything you want at the Home Depot (1900 Baseline Road ), just down the street from Baseline Apartments (1785-1815 Baseline Road).


Closet into a Home Office


By moving your clothes to a wardrobe, you can create a cozy and concealed home office space in your spare closet. All you need is a narrow, low profile desk and some simple shelving. Ikea Ottawa (2685 Iris Street) is less than 10 minutes from Baseline Apartments. A small table top and $5 screw on table legs will do the trick. Best of all, when your work is done simply close the door on it and move on with your day!


Small Space Furniture


When choosing furniture for your home office space, you’ll want to go with a light and airy feeling, rather than heavy and imposing. The simplest way to do this is to opt for exposed legs on your desk. If will give it a floating feeling, rather than hefty and heavy all the way to the floor. If you’re really short on free floor space, a folding wall-mount table can serve double-duty as an office and breakfast nook, with a folding stool or two.


Put a Desk Behind the Sofa


There is no rule that states sofas need to be up against the wall. By pushing the couch out towards the centre of the room, you can free up enough space to park a small desk behind the couch for an instant home office.

Panoramic Properties hopes these tips for carving out a home office space help you carve out the perfect work-life balance. For information on Panoramic Properties for rent in Ottawa, and the comfort and convenience of Baseline Apartments (1785-1815 Baseline Road), please visit our website.