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What to look for when choosing an apartment

posted on May 10, 2012

When you are choosing a new apartment there is a lot you need to consider and look at, when you go to see potential apartments for rent.


When you go into an apartment of course make sure there are enough rooms but remember size is also important. Think about where you will put all of your furniture. In some cases open concept may be better with an area for sofas etc in the middle but if you have a lot of bookcases etc, more wall space will have advantages.


When viewing an apartment listen as well, if you go in the evenings or at weekends you may get the best idea as to how noisy your neighbors are and what kind of people they are. It may be that you can hear a lot of unnecessary noise.  


The area your apartment is in can be important to, after viewing apartments have a look around and get a feel for the area. Look for amenities too and how close is public transport? Will you be on a busy road?  Also consider things like where the nearest gym, school, or cinema is depending on your own needs and interests.